China's Self-built Deepwater Drilling Platform Closed-loop Power System Blue Whale 2 Trial Flight Triumph

- Nov 24, 2018-

China's self-built deepwater drilling platform closed-loop power system "Blue Whale 2" trial flight triumph

Recently, the ultra-deepwater double-drilling tower semi-submersible drilling rig "Blue Whale 2" independently built by Yantai CIMC Raffles Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. trials the triumph. During the trial flight, the platform successfully completed the closed-loop test of the power system under the DP3 operation mode. This is the first successful completion of this technical issue in China, marking a major breakthrough in the optimization of China's marine engineering energy and power systems. Technology leadership.

"Because different generator sets are running together, when a single point failure occurs in the power grid, if the switchboard switch cannot complete the protection and isolation within the specified time, the entire power grid will fail, causing the generator to burn, the power system to smash, and the propeller Stopping and losing platform positioning caused great losses. According to the company's technical personnel, the platform's power distribution system operates as a closed-loop structure. Different power distribution groups are connected to different generator sets through bus-coupled switches. When the grid load is low. It will automatically reduce the number of online running hosts. When the grid load is high, it can automatically start the backup to ensure the power supply security of the grid, ensuring that each host runs at a uniform economic load.

On August 11th, "Blue Whale 2" began the closed-loop test in the DP3 operation mode during the trial test, testing the voltage and frequency failure of more than 70 combinations under different working conditions, successfully verifying the generator management system for the grid. Primary and secondary protection functions for voltage, frequency failure and potential failure. "The success of this test not only verifies how the platform guarantees safety in the case of grid efficiency, but also verifies the data that saves fuel consumption and equipment maintenance costs under the platform science application grid. It can reduce the host running time by about 35% and reduce Drilling platform fuel consumption of 11%, while effectively reducing emissions, nitrogen oxides reduced by about 35%, carbon dioxide reduction of about 20%." The company's technical staff told reporters.

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