China's Wind Power Has Developed Rapidly In The Past 15 Years And Has Completed The 15-year History Of European And American Countries.

- Oct 19, 2018-

China's wind power has developed rapidly in the past 15 years and has completed the 15-year history of European and American countries.

The Chinese wind power industry, which was once sung in the past two years, has finally turned over in this year, especially in offshore wind power projects. China's wind power industry has been around for a few years, but its development speed is staggering. Some people have exclaimed that China's wind power has gone through 15 years of European and American countries in the past five years.

At present, the construction technology of offshore wind farms in Europe and the research and development technology of offshore wind turbines are in the world's leading position. According to the data, Sweden installed the world's first offshore wind turbine in 1990, which has opened the way for humans to enter the offshore wind power industry. the road. After 2001, large and medium-sized offshore wind farms were built and megawatt-class wind turbines were developed.

The development of offshore wind power in China began in 2005. The most concerned about the 100,000 KW offshore wind farm demonstration project of Shanghai Donghai Bridge was connected to the grid in July 2010.

Recently, it was reported that on the morning of May 26, 2014, the first batch of units of Rudong Offshore Wind Power, which was invested and constructed by the Hydropower New Energy Company affiliated to China Power Construction Group, began grid-connected power generation.

Although China's wind power industry is developing rapidly, the development speed of offshore wind power is staggering, but after all, the development time is too short. Although there is a catch-up trend, due to the technical foundation and construction experience, there will be a certain gap compared with Europe in a period of time.

During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, China's offshore wind power installed capacity is planned to be 5 million kilowatts, and the current completion degree is less than one tenth. From the chart, we can see that it is still very difficult to complete the 12th Five-Year Plan target next year.

Of course, the development of the industry is not as fast as possible. The natural conditions for the construction of offshore wind farms involve wind energy resource surveys, geographic information, geological information, regional water depths and waves, tides, currents, typhoons, etc.; humanities conditions involve policy support, government approval , local electricity price tolerance, land substation location, voltage level, maximum accessible capacity, and power grid planning.

Therefore, the development of offshore wind power should be rational, stable and scientific, so as to avoid the occurrence of embarrassing conditions such as onshore wind power and wind curtailment. Offshore wind power planning should not be completed when the quality cannot be guaranteed. If the installed capacity is not large enough, the effect of construction and non-construction is the same.

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