China Stepmotor Factory

- Nov 05, 2020-

Shenzhen Stepper Motor Factory, established in 2008, is an old enterprise specializing in the development and production of stepper motor, servo motor, driver, motion controller and CNC system for machine tools.The products are mainly used in the field of industrial automation, involving robots, automatic assembly lines, machining CNC equipment, medical equipment, military equipment, advertising equipment, stage equipment, printing equipment, textile machinery, chemical equipment and so on.The rotor of stepping motor is usually a permanent magnet. When the current flows through the stator winding, the stator winding produces a vector magnetic field.The magnetic field will rotate the rotor by an Angle, so that the direction of the pair of magnetic fields of the rotor is consistent with the direction of the stator magnetic field.When the stator's vector magnetic field rotates by an Angle.The rotor also rotates an Angle with the magnetic field.For each input pulse, the motor rotates an Angle forward.The output angular displacement is proportional to the input pulse number and the speed is proportional to the pulse frequency.If you change the order in which the windings are energized, the motor will reverse.Therefore, the number and frequency of pulses and the current sequence of each phase winding of the motor can be controlled to control the rotation of the stepping motor. 


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