China Stepmotor Suppliers

- Nov 02, 2020-

Famous Step supplier in China, Step Motor, pulse motor, etc.Has a variety of call way, these with the Japanese words to said, became a step motor, and order is stage step by step action meaning, this use another language to say, is to be stepping drive, in short, is a pulse input there will be a certain Angle, the distribution of rotor displacement motor.

Stepper motor is an open-loop control component that converts electric pulse signal into angular displacement or linear displacement.In the case of non-overload, the motor speed, stop position only depends on the pulse signal frequency and pulse number, and is not affected by the load change, that is, to add a pulse signal to the motor, the motor will turn a step Angle.The existence of this linear relationship, coupled with the stepper motor only periodic error and no cumulative error and so on.It makes it very simple to use stepper motor to control speed, position and other control areas.Single-phase stepping motor has a single electrical pulse drive, the output power is generally small, its use for micro power drive.The multiphase stepping motor is driven by multiphase square wave pulse.


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