China Stepper Motor Suppliers

- Nov 28, 2019-

42MM series waterproof stepper motor features,

waterproof, dust-proof, protection level up to IP68 IP64, IP65 in line with IEC specifications, can be used in splash environment. Up to IP68, it penetrates to a depth of 1 meter and still works normally

IP64 protects against water spray, which should not cause damage to the cabinet from every direction

IP65 protects against water jetting, which should not cause damage if directed in every direction towards the cabinet

IP68 protects against long-term flooding and can be immersed in water under specific conditions, without any amount of water immersion that could cause damage. Enhance the corrosion resistance,

Through the use of special coating and shaft material using stainless steel and other measures to enhance the corrosion resistance.

Support Waterproof, dustproof design and structure, motor exterior components (front, back cover and Shell) adopt seamless structure, motor cable directly from the motor back cover lead out, a sealing mechanism is arranged between the joint surfaces of each component of the external surface of the motor (the joint surfaces of the front and back ends of the cover of the shell, the joint surfaces of the connection port and the connection terminal, the joint surfaces of the fastening bolt and the bolt hole, and the joint surfaces of the motor shaft and the shaft hole) .


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