China Stepper Motors Factory

- Jul 27, 2020-

We are a high-quality producer of stepper motor factory in China. Nowadays, high efficiency and energy saving are also the development trend of the whole motor industry. Small motor manufacturing industry will develop along two major trends.

One, specialization, specialization, individuation

With the continuous development of the motor industry, the extension and connotation of motor products are also constantly expanding. Motor products are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, coal, mining, building materials, papermaking, municipal administration, water conservancy, shipbuilding, port loading and unloading and other fields.The generality of the motor gradually develops towards the direction of specificity, breaking the situation that the same motor is used in different load types and different use occasions in the past.Motor is developing in the direction of specificity, particularity and individuation.Many domestic enterprises are also transforming to specialized enterprises, such as coal mine electric machinery factory, explosion-proof electric machinery factory, micro special electric machinery factory, etc., and whether the enterprise has the adaptability of non-standardized customization is an important aspect to measure the future development potential of an enterprise.

Second, the single machine capacity of the product is constantly increasing

With the gradual increase of the scale of modern industrial production, the matching production equipment is also developing towards the direction of integration, large-scale and large-scale, the power of the motor driving large machinery equipment is also increasing, high voltage grade, large capacity and high performance motor become the most important direction.For various mills, auxiliary power plant, blast furnace fan, railway traction, rail transit, ship power, drainage and irrigation pumps and other transmission of large AC, DC motor, single machine capacity is constantly expanding, varieties are also increasing.This also urges the motor production enterprises to draw closer to the high voltage large and medium-sized motor industry in order to improve their competitiveness.


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