China Stepper Motors Suppliers

- Aug 03, 2020-

We are a high-quality supplier and manufacturer of stepper motor industry. We are a professional manufacturer of developing and manufacturing stepper motor and stepper motor driver, with an annual production capacity of 3 million motors.Developed by the company can PM series permanent magnet stepper motor, precision reduction step motor, linear stepper motor, HB series hybrid stepping motors and brushless dc motor in the domestic leading level, reached international advanced level of similar products, the products are widely used in printers, typewriters, photocopiers and fax machines and other office automation equipment;Automatic control system for automobile, machinery, textile, banking, monitoring, medical equipment, stage lighting, communication equipment and other industries;Kitchen equipment, water heater, sewing machine and other household appliances.The company also mass-produces stepper motor drivers and DC motor reduction motors.Our company has a good quality assurance system and service system, most of the products have been CE certification, all products in line with the European RoHS requirements.The company takes the intelligent control technology as the core, unceasingly expands the application domain intelligent control solution provider, and develops into the domestic leading stepper motor and driver supplier.


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