China Stepping Motor

- Sep 28, 2020-

Professional manufacture of Chinese stepper motor, stepper motor features:

< 1 the rotation Angle of > is proportional to the input pulse, so the requirements of high precise Angle and high precision positioning can be achieved by using the open loop control.

< 2 > good start, stop, positive and negative response, easy control.

< 3 > each step of the Angle error is small, and there is no cumulative error.

< 4 > within the controlled range, the speed of rotation is proportional to the frequency of the pulse, so the range of transmission is very wide.

< 5 > at rest, the stepper motor has a high holding torque to stay in the stop position, without the need to use the brake so that it does not rotate freely.

< 6 > has very high RPM.

< 7 > high reliability, no maintenance, low price of the whole system.

< 8 > easy to lose step at high speed

< 9 > tends to produce vibration or resonance phenomenon at a certain frequency


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