China Synchro Motor Factory

- Oct 21, 2020-

We are one of the leading China synchro motor factory. Synchronous motors, like induction motors, are commonly used ac motors.The synchronous motor is the heart of the power system. It is a component integrating rotation and static, electromagnetic change and mechanical movement to realize the transformation of electrical energy and mechanical energy. Its dynamic performance is very complex, and its dynamic performance has a great impact on the dynamic performance of the whole power system.Characteristics: In steady-state operation, there is a constant relationship between the rotor speed and the power grid frequency n= NS =60f/ P, where F is the power grid frequency, P is the polar logarithm of the motor, and NS is called the synchronous speed.If the frequency of the power network is constant, the speed of the synchronous motor is constant in steady-state and has nothing to do with the load.Synchronous motors are divided into synchronous generators and synchronous motors.The alternators in modern power plants are mainly synchronous generators.


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