Close To Market Demand, Enrich The Electronic Control Function Of New Energy Vehicles

- Nov 10, 2018-

Close to market demand, enrich the electronic control function of new energy vehicles

With the current China's new energy vehicle market entering a rapid development track, under the guidance of relevant national policies, the technological R&D and industrialization process of new energy vehicles have achieved rapid progress. As an important part of the “three-electric system”, the core component of new energy vehicles, the new energy vehicle motor controller plays a very important role. Its advantages are directly related to the reliability, power and comfort of the vehicle. which performed. Jiangsu Jitaike Electric Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of resources and energy in the development of new energy vehicle motor controllers. The core team members are mainly from the top international high-level enterprises such as Huawei and Emerson, through the self-developed new energy vehicle motor control core. Technology, in recent years, companies have opened up a new world in the new energy vehicle market. Recently, the magazine interviewed Mr. Fang Yichen, the general manager of Jitaike, and asked him to share his views on the current situation of the domestic new energy market and the enterprises in this special application market.

Although the "cheat" incident in the domestic new energy vehicle market has caused some temporary resistance to the market development since the beginning of this year, most people in the industry generally believe that with the recent introduction of state subsidy policies, it will usher in The new energy vehicle market continues to grow.

“The new energy market is a very important application branch of the inverter drive technology platform. It breaks the application boundary of the inverter products, and the original tens of billions of market has become a market of 100 billion yuan.” Mr. Fang said, “With wind power, Compared with the photovoltaic industry, new energy vehicle applications are not only in line with the general trend of using clean energy to replace chemical energy, but also to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction; more importantly, to transform the national energy strategy with high energy dependence on oil imports and develop new energy sources. The automobile industry is imperative. From the perspective of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the automobile industry is a pillar industry of the country. The transformation and upgrading of the automobile industry is an important part of the strategy of realizing China's manufacturing power."

It is not too early for Gytech to enter the new energy vehicle market. However, with its rich experience in motor and power electronic control technology, the company has maintained a high growth momentum in this professional market in recent years. At this stage, the three major platforms of the new energy vehicle market: passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and low-speed vehicles, Jitaike first started from the commercial vehicle market that landed earlier. In this field, Jitaike and a number of domestic mainstream car manufacturers Established a close cooperative relationship, including Jinlong Bus, Golden Passenger Car, Zhongtong Bus, Futian Bus, Huanghai Bus, etc. At the same time, Jitaike also actively deployed the emerging logistics vehicle application and the future passenger car market. planning.

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