CNC Machine Tools Win With Technology

- Nov 11, 2018-

The 12th China Zhengzhou Industrial Equipment Expo & Intelligent Manufacturing and Equipment Exhibition will be held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 19th to 21st, 2016. After 11 years of market tempering and comprehensive precipitation, the exhibition area is 35,000 square meters. Bringing together 1000 well-known exhibitors in the industry, focusing on metal cutting, laser sheet metal, industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing and robots, welding and cutting, hardware and electrical machinery and other upstream and downstream industrial chain products, exhibits in composite, intelligent, numerical control, high efficiency And precision has technological innovation and improvement.

The exhibition invites intelligent, sophisticated, high-end and innovative products to gather together. At the same time, it invites inviting automotive, mechanical, aerospace, military, rail transit, home appliances, electronics, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mold manufacturing, steel structures and other core areas. The buyer visited the site.

In August, the opening day of the Zhengzhou Industry Fair was getting closer, and the invitations for the Zhengzhou Industry Fair buyers were in full swing. So far, the buyer has been inviting for more than two months, and 8,972 viewers have signed up for registration, and follow-up registration is also in full swing. According to the statistics of the organizing committee, the procurement needs of the current audience are concentrated in machining centers, CNC machine tools, robots, intelligent sensing, control systems, fluid automation and so on. The star exhibitors and exhibits exhibited at the exhibition will also greatly satisfy the procurement needs of professional visitors.

Machining center

Equipment manufacturing products, in the processing center, we pay attention to efficient production, ingenuity. The machining center exhibited at this exhibition brings great convenience to the manufacturing and production of the majority of users in terms of efficiency and precision. Makino Machine Tool Co., Ltd.'s a40 horizontal machining center, Taiwan's Qiao Weijin's SF-2112 gantry machining center are all in the processing center. The A40 Horizontal Machining Center is the first and only horizontal machining center designed for die-casting of aluminum and aluminum alloys. It not only reduces the production cost of the die-casting manufacturer, but also improves the processing efficiency. This is the development of Makino Machine Tool focusing on the die-casting industry. The transformation and upgrading of the machining industry is the best choice for die-casting manufacturers to reduce the cost per piece. The SF-2112 Gantry Machining Center has the best rigid structure configuration and high-precision performance retention structure to win customers' favor with the design that is convenient for customers. Not only is it easier for customers to use, but the rigidity and high precision of the product are also improved.

CNC machine tools win with technology

If the development of industry brings about progress and drives the economy, then CNC machine tools liberate the labor force. He enters the industrial world with unstoppable advantages such as stability, reliability, precision and controllability. It brings not only the improvement of the workforce, but also the safety and cleanliness. The combination of CNC machine tools and computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) is the foundation of modern integrated manufacturing technology.

During the invitation process of the exhibition, Huaxian xx limited liability company, Anyang xx Machine Tool Equipment Co., Ltd., etc. all showed great interest in CNC machine tools and equipment, and expressed their intention to purchase. Shandong xx Machine Tool Works Co., Ltd. also expressed interest in pipe thread lathes and will focus on it. Linzhou xx Electromechanical Co., Ltd. showed the demand for electromechanical bed.

The gantry linear motor wire cutting machine of Taiwan Qinghong exhibited at this exhibition. This product is patented in the two aspects of “self-made high efficiency linear motor” and “gantry mobile structure design”. It is the first in the country to design the lower arm. These patents, the first creation, are not only the advancement of technology, but also the concrete embodiment of applying technology to products.

Robotics to create smart workshops and future factories

Among the pre-registered buyers, Henan xx Aluminum Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Xxxx Co., Ltd. will purchase robots, focusing on well-known brands such as FANUC, Nazhibi, Xinsong Robot, ABB, and KUKA. This year's robot exhibitors will also come to the exhibition with their latest and best quality products, and offer an industrial visual feast for the professional visitors and buyers who come to visit us.

Zhengzhou Youlian Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the country's first airport comprehensive economic experimental zone. It is an industrial intelligent system integration company controlled by Wanda Heavy Industry. As the core system integrator of Nazhi in North China Central China, this exhibition will be held. Outstanding welding, handling, palletizing, assembly, Swiss brand sweeping robots, AGVS and intelligent warehouse logistics automation systems, focusing on the transformation of the manufacturing industry to provide smart factory solutions. As the only strategic partner of Shenyang Xinsong Huazhong and North China, Zhengzhou Wanda Branch is carrying the latest product appearance of Shenyang Xinsong, the leading robot manufacturer in China, and will show the beauty of industrial robots to the viewers at the same time. . The products of Henan Wilder Automation Technology have also evolved from simple two-dimensional robots to complex five-dimensional robots, and hundreds of organizations have been successfully applied. Zhengzhou Turing robot has outstanding performance in machine vision, intelligent loading and unloading, intelligent detection, intelligent handling, intelligent palletizing and so on. The Cartesian robot of Henan Wilde Automation Technology Co., Ltd. relies on strict German standards and is well known in the industry for its excellent design and excellent processing quality. Xinxiang Work has always won the favor of customers with its exquisite shape, excellent quality, convenient and humanized operation.

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