Common Faults And Solutions For Cheap 12 Volt Dc Motor

- Jul 12, 2019-

Common faults and solutions for cheap 12 volt dc motor

A DC motor, as its name suggests, is a rotating electrical machine that converts DC electrical energy into mechanical energy (DC motor) or converts mechanical energy into DC electrical energy (DC generator).

Shenzhen Longhui Motor combines years of experience to introduce the common faults and solutions of DC motors:

1, can not start

possible reason:

1 power supply without voltage

2 excitation circuit broken

3 brush circuit disconnected

4 has power but the motor can't rotate

Method of exclusion:

1 check the power supply and fuse

2 check the excitation winding and starter

3 Check the contact between the armature winding and the brush commutator

4 If the load is too heavy or the armature is stuck or the starting equipment is not suitable, it should be checked separately.

2, the speed is not normal

possible reason:

1 speed is too high

2 speed is too low

Method of exclusion:

1 Check if the power supply voltage is too high! Is the main magnetic field too weak and the motor load is too light?

2 Check the armature winding for open circuit, short circuit, grounding and other faults; check the brush pressure and brush position; check if the power supply voltage is too low and the load is too heavy; check if the excitation winding circuit is normal.


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