Common Faults In Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

- Nov 28, 2018-

Common faults in industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are used to treat pollution generated in industrial production, clean up pollutants in a timely manner, and ensure the cleanliness of industrial production environments. In daily production, in order to make industrial vacuum use, it is necessary to overhaul the following aspects:

1. Industrial vacuum cleaners are noisy – reasons for formation: severe bearing wear, bearing bending, deformation or displacement of impeller bearings, loose fasteners, motor wear, loose or damaged fan blades, etc.

2, industrial vacuum cleaner motor overheating - the reasons for formation: continuous working time is too long, the brush and commutator wear caused by excessive sparks, too much dust on the dust filter, the dust chamber is full of ash.

3, industrial vacuum cleaner suction - formation reasons: power line, plug, socket short circuit, motor coil short circuit, vacuum cleaner internal connection open circuit.

4. The industrial vacuum cleaner case is charged - the reason for the formation: the power line is aging, so the leakage and the internal circuit of the vacuum cleaner are in contact with the casing.

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