Company Development Strategy

- Dec 05, 2018-

Third, the company's future development prospects

1. Company development strategy

The company has always focused on the motor and its related supporting applications, relying on the motor and electronic control technology accumulated in the building and home electrical motor industry, taking advantage of the development opportunities of the national new energy automobile industry, and taking the lead in entering the new energy vehicle powertrain system in China. The industry, taking into account industry differences, especially the entry barriers of the auto parts industry, time economic effects and other factors, the company has merged and reorganized Wuhu Jienuoli, Pete, Shanghai Electric Drive and many other key automotive parts and components enterprises. In recent years, the company has gradually increased its investment in the powertrain system business of new energy vehicles, and has extended to hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen storage and transportation equipment industries through acquisitions and cooperation, including the formation of electric motors, electronic controls, and batteries. In the complete new energy vehicle powertrain system and hydrogen fuel cell supporting auxiliary motor system and other products, gradually build a sound industrial chain of the motor industry to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the group industry.

At present, the company has developed into an internationalization system integrating construction and home electrical appliances, new energy vehicle powertrain systems, hydrogen fuel cell systems and hydrogen engine systems, and vehicle rotating electrical appliances with "highly independent research and development, lean manufacturing, and smart marketing". High-tech group companies form three business segments: HM Business Unit, Vehicle Business Group and EVOP Business Unit.

HM Business Unit will further improve the stability of product quality and control production costs by increasing the investment in automation equipment and improving the level of lean production management. The building structure will be realized through product structure optimization, platform technology upgrade and incremental market development. The steady growth of the home electrical motor business; seize the opportunity of the Group's business integration, further expand the combination of motor and power electronics and the combination of motor and fan system, provide customers with overall solutions, increase product sales revenue, expand business space, and then achieve The strategic goal of the future development of the business unit.

The vehicle business group will make full use of the advantages of joint research and development of R&D centers in Zhongshan, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Wuhu and Detroit, and take advantage of Pate's advantages in technology, brand, market channel and after-sales service platform. "Patelai" technology accumulation and brand advantage, absorb and integrate the excellent automobile enterprise culture, combine Wuhu Jienuoli's advantages in cost control and lean production, implement complementary advantages, highlight synergy, accelerate the integration of industrial quality resources, and further Enhance the company's brand image, promote the integration and development of the vehicle rotating electrical industry, enhance the market competitiveness of the company's new energy vehicle powertrain system products, improve the company's sales and service system in the automotive key parts market; use technology and channel advantages, Strengthen the after-sales market of starter and generator, expand the market of start-stop motor, energy-saving automobile 48VBSG motor, switched reluctance motor, mixed magnetic square wire technology motor, etc., and strengthen product integration and upgrade of key unit modules of new energy vehicle powertrain system In the original drive motor, electricity Based on the system, the development of new energy vehicle all-in-one controller, power electronics and motor assembly, flat copper wire drive motor, new generation drive motor, motor and gearbox integration, and other new energy vehicle powertrain systems The rapid development of the industry.

In addition, through strategic cooperation with Ballard and HT, the company will introduce the world's leading fuel cell technology and hydrogen storage and transportation technology to complete the strategic layout of the new energy vehicle industry's “three electricity” business, and seize the core of new energy vehicles. The commanding height of the components provides the best motor drive system solutions for customers around the world.

The new energy vehicle operation business will seize market opportunities, use innovative technologies and business models, and actively promote the application of new energy vehicles, with a priority focus on urban functional vehicles such as buses, taxis, and logistics vehicles.

Companies adhere to the "brand and quality for the market, technology innovation as the driving force, talent-based" development philosophy, and actively respond to the national new energy, energy-saving and environmental protection strategy, integrate the company's three business sector resources, to provide global customers with safety and environmental protection Efficient drive system solutions continue to create maximum value for customers and develop together with strategic partners. At the same time, through capital operation, the company promotes international technical cooperation, effectively utilizes global resources and enables them to be reasonably and efficiently configured to enhance the company. The brand image ultimately enabled the company to develop into the world's most competitive driver system product and solution provider, achieving “Ocean Motor, Rotating the Earth”.

On the basis of achieving steady growth in performance year by year, the company plans to achieve a total operating income of US$5 billion in 2024, of which construction and household electrical appliances and new energy vehicles have operating revenues of US$1 billion each, and vehicle business groups have achieved operating revenues of US$3 billion. Dollar.

2. Business goals and work plans for 2018

(1) Business objectives for 2018

In 2018, the company will adjust the product structure on the basis of ensuring the steady growth of the building and home electrical and motor business, accelerate the integration of the business and resources of the vehicle business group, and actively explore the new energy vehicle powertrain system and the hydrogen fuel cell engine system market. Steadily promote the operation of new energy vehicles. It is expected that the company's operating income will maintain steady growth in 2018, with a planned completion of 10.585 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23%. The estimated operating cost is 8.286 billion yuan, up 20.78% year-on-year; the planned net profit is 651 million yuan. It increased by 45.45% year-on-year.

The above operating budget does not represent the company's profit forecast for 2018. Whether it can be achieved depends on various factors such as changes in market conditions and the level of efforts of the management team. There are certain uncertainties. Investors are advised to pay special attention.

(2) Work priorities in 2018

1Using first-mover advantage to optimize industrial layout

Utilizing the solid foundation and first-mover advantage laid by the company in the new energy automobile industry for many years, it will further absorb the advanced technology and resources in the integrated industry, strengthen the strategic cooperation with Ballard and HT, and bind the whole vehicle/machine The factory will accelerate the construction of hydrogen fuel cell production lines and sales of products, integrate the resources of the hydrogen energy industry chain, optimize the company's industrial layout in the new energy automobile industry, and enhance the company's influence in the new energy automobile industry and the hydrogen energy industry.

2 Integrate superior resources to achieve best practice sharing

Through the organization's internal quality management experience, process manufacturing experience, channel management experience and other excellent experience resources sharing, the company's overall efficiency will be doubled; through the organization of internal supply chain resources integration, the Group's large-scale procurement advantages will be leveraged to reduce procurement costs.

3 Promote lean manufacturing management, improve product quality and production efficiency Through equipment automation and intelligent transformation and upgrading, personnel quality skills improvement and information management, further improve production automation level, optimize process flow,

Step by step to achieve intelligent manufacturing and lean production, and continuously improve production efficiency; implement quality improvement projects, implement quality improvement plans for all employees, and effectively improve product quality.

4 Strengthen the group management model and promote the construction of corporate culture

We will sort out the key management systems and processes of the Group's group management, improve the internal management model of the Group, clarify the organizational positioning of the Group's internal headquarters, business divisions and subsidiaries, and improve and optimize the continuous group management model to maximize the management benefits of the Group. Implementing the Group's target management model, unifying the visual identity of the Group and its member companies, enhancing the sense of group organization identity, and realizing the corporate image of the group “one company, one face”.

5 Strengthen product and service innovation capabilities and accelerate market development

In 2018, HM Business Unit will increase research and development of new products, promote the development of fan system products, accelerate product technology upgrades, and expand the Asia-Pacific and European markets; the vehicle business group will further optimize resource allocation and integration, and enhance technological innovation and system integration capabilities. Reduce procurement costs, continue to provide customers with overall solutions, improve product market competitiveness, and consolidate and expand market share; new energy vehicle operations will explore new business models and optimize asset operations.

3. Capital requirements and usage plan

At present, the company's bank credit is in good standing, and it can get strong support from the bank in time to ensure the smooth implementation of the company's non-raised funds projects. The company will rationally lay out capacity building according to the new energy automobile industry policy and market development. While ensuring the production and construction needs, it will rationally utilize and optimize the use of raised funds to improve the efficiency of capital use and the level of capital operation.

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