Competition In The Field Of Motor Energy Conservation

- Nov 08, 2018-

Competition in the field of motor energy conservation

In terms of high-efficiency motors, it has gathered several leading faucets such as Wolong Electric, Dunan Environment and Topang.

“This industry has to pay attention to leading companies with outstanding technical advantages. For example, Wolong Electric is the leader in the differential motor industry. It has servo control and variable frequency drive technology, synchronous permanent magnet motor technology, high voltage grade traction transformer manufacturing technology, linear motor long stator and its High-end technology such as winding technology. Among them, its high-power high-voltage inverter has achieved mass production.” The above-mentioned electrical industry analyst pointed out that “but Wolong Electric is planning to develop a large-capacity lithium-ion battery project, which may bring risks. .

However, competition in the field of motor energy conservation has been the most intense and cruel in many technology energy-saving industries.

Take Rongxin Co., Ltd. as an example, it is a leading enterprise in high-power power electronic energy-saving and consumption-reducing products. Among them, high-voltage inverter and power electronic direction high-voltage dynamic reactive power compensation device (SVC) design and manufacture is the main source of revenue. From the proportion of orders in the first half of 2010, SVC accounted for about 47%, but its market competition has begun to be intense.

At present, many companies are developing SVC, in which the grid requires the largest amount of SVC, and Rongxin's SVC competitor in the grid market is the Institute of Electric Power; the main rivals in the circuit industry are CSR Zhuzhou Times and Siyuan Electric. At present, the saturation of SVC in the metallurgical industry is about 70%, and the enterprises competing for competition are within ten; the SVC capacity required in the wind power market is small, the compensation methods are various, and the competition is fierce. "Rongxin shares should expand the future business development of SVC, mainly looking at the needs of other industries other than power grids and metallurgy." The industry analysts pointed out.

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