Construction Industry Urging Environmental Issues, Taiwan's Construction Of Environmentally-friendly Electrical Appliances, Strong Motor Strikes

- Nov 10, 2018-

Construction industry urging environmental issues, Taiwan's construction of environmentally-friendly electrical appliances, strong motor strikes

With the opening of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan”, the construction industry in the new economic environment in 2016 has begun to change, and the development direction is also locked in the emerging fields and innovation fields, creating new economic growth points. The concern is that as soon as the Year of the Monkey arrives, the construction industry is no longer an extensive development model, but it is aimed at strengthening the energy saving, environmental protection and availability of the construction industry for “urban diseases” such as smog pollution and congestion. Environmental purification renovation market. Under such a large environment, Taiwan's well-known enterprises have established a strong presence in the mainland, and the Group's “Beauty Life” brand is committed to the development of home environmental electrical products, which stands out in this field.

When it comes to environmental purification, most ordinary people may be concerned about what causes environmental pollution, but ignore how to avoid the decline in air quality caused by environmental pollution. There are many products in the market for indoor air: air purifiers, central fresh air systems, ventilation fans, and so on. In the past two years, the impact of domestic smog pollution has increased, and the public has gradually realized the problem of urban air. The construction industry pays more attention to the value of the ventilation fan.

The improvement of air quality, improvement of home air, increase of indoor and outdoor air circulation and weakening of environmental pollution have brought life and influence to Taiwan, and it has also made the listing of “beautiful life”. According to industry insiders, don't underestimate the small ventilation fans, which have their use in public buildings, and even the independent kitchens of many second- and third-tier urban families have application space. According to Yu Xuebing, general manager of the Green Energy Division of Jianzhun Group, the application of ventilation fans in the international market has been in existence for decades. The ultra-energy-saving DC motor ventilation fans produced by the company are also supplied by more than 1,000 sales and service bases around the world. Various products have been widely used in information, telecommunications network, automotive electronics, solar energy, LED green energy, medical, home appliances and other industries. Its excellent quality, and participated in the NASA experimental plan in 2011, in space Mission, become the light of the industry. At the same time, Taiwan has established supporting products for the world's top technology companies such as Apple, Google, Intel, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Fujitsu, Ph.D., Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, Acer, BenQ, LG and Epson. In this regard, Taiwan has established its own advantages in terms of its own motors and fans, and has integrated the marketing of “comprehensive life” ventilation fans around the world. Through unremitting efforts, it has developed and produced the first wall-type heat exchange dual-flow new fan in China. In 2016, it officially entered the mainland market.

The launch of the “Beauty Life” wall-type heat exchange dual-flow new fan has really achieved the effect of small win in home decoration.

At present, in the home decoration, consumers choose the air purifier when purchasing products that can improve the air quality of the home, and the central fresh air system. The combination of these two products can really achieve the purification and replacement of indoor air. However, it is often painful when actually purchasing such products: the central fresh air system needs to be considered in the design of the decoration, and the installation space is reserved at the top of the room during installation, which causes a sense of oppression of the space, and The fresh air that is replaced is cold air in winter and hot air in summer. The cost is very high to achieve hot and cold exchange. The air purifier, although seemingly simple, can only achieve indoor air purification, and can not achieve fresh air. The production is very high.

When it comes to product installation, Yu Xuebing also revealed that the “Beauty Life” wall-type heat exchange dual-flow new fan can make the complicated decoration experience a simple matter by simply opening a small hole in the wall. The money to buy an air purifier saves you from buying other furniture. It can not only discharge indoor dirty air, but also add fresh air to the outside, and the heat exchange function allows you not to worry about entering the cold wind in winter and hot air in summer. The PM2.5 filter function of the “Beauty Life” wall-type heat exchange dual-flow new fan can completely purify the fresh air, so that the air quality is lower than the national ambient air quality PM2.5 standard.

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