Create A High Quality And Efficient Servo Motor Brand

- Dec 04, 2018-

Hangzhou Moen Motor Co., Ltd. is a company engaged in research, development, production and sales of servo motors. Since its establishment, the company has been based on the idea of high starting point, high grade and high technology, actively introducing advanced science and technology and production equipment, and selecting excellent accessories to produce high quality products. At the Industrial Fair in early November this year, the magazine interviewed Mr. Fang Junjun, the deputy general manager of the company. He said that at this stage, the development of Moen Electric focuses on improving the foundation of the enterprise and focuses on improving the stability and consistency of the products. At the same time, we will strengthen the promotion in the market, adhere to the principle of “quality” as the central principle, continuously improve and improve the management system, and serve the market users with excellent product quality.

Adhere to technological innovation and production control

Before joining Moen Motor, Mr. Fang Junjun worked in Siemens for more than ten years and has rich experience in marketing and agent management. It is the development potential of Moen. This year, Mr. Fang Junjun officially joined Moen Electric. enterprise.

“Moen Electric is a young enterprise,” said Mr. Fang Junjun. “With the trend of networked applications, the servo industry has had a drastic impact, application demand has accelerated, and in order to meet the needs of the market, Moen’s goal. It is to speed up the development of products and constantly improve the product line to meet the application requirements of customers. Moen may not be the fastest one, but we hope to be the most stable one, and we hope that all employees can and The platform grows together."

Faced with the fierce competition in the domestic low-end servo market, more stringent requirements are placed on the quality of motor products, especially the consistency. To this end, Moen Motor has always placed technological innovation at the forefront of enterprise development, and continuously optimizes the performance of motor products, including low vibration, low temperature rise, low noise, high efficiency, etc., and has increased the research and development and production links. The strength of control.

In product development, Moen Motor has cultivated a professional and efficient technology research and development team through cooperation with Zhejiang University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other universities and research institutes. It has been down-to-earth and continuously improved the motor design capability and broke through the domestic motor. Technical bottlenecks in manufacturing. In addition to the development of a new generation of products such as 5-pole motors, Moen's technological innovations are more reflected in the use of internal materials, process improvement, and manufacturing management. For example, in order to improve the consistency of products, Moen has done a lot of work and personnel investment in design, technology and production. Through the practical application of Moen's products, customers can finally experience the excellent performance and efficiency of the products. Moen's true strength in technological innovation.

In production control, in order to pursue excellent product quality, Moen Motor has established a strict factory management system. At present, the company and its products have passed ISO9000 quality management system certification, CE certification and energy-saving and high-efficiency certification and other authoritative testing and certification, and obtained the country. More than 20 patents, is a national high-tech enterprise, Zhejiang science and technology enterprise and Hangzhou high-tech enterprise. At the same time, adhering to the production concept of “decision determines success or failure”, Moen adheres to strict on-site management, reasonable assembly line layout, continuous process improvement and efficient production tempo, as well as tailor-made self-developed automated production equipment. We produce low-noise, low-vibration, low-temperature, high-efficiency motor products for our customers.

Continue to increase market acceptance of the brand

At present, Moen Electric's production and research and development of AC permanent magnet synchronous servo motor mainly has 9 series (40, 60, 80, 90, 110, 130, 150, 180, 220), complete product specifications, stable performance, low noise, Low vibration, low temperature rise, high efficiency, safe operation, etc. In addition, Moen can also carry out non-standard design according to customer's individual requirements to meet the diversified use requirements of customers. The products are widely used in CNC machine tools, computer embroidery machines, Textile machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, marking machines, engraving machines, winding machines and other industries.

In recent years, Moen's business development has maintained a momentum of rapid growth. Under the impressive number, Moen's sales chart has gradually expanded and brand management has entered a new stage. After perfecting the company's product line, Moen's next key work plan is to strengthen the market's promotion efforts and bring Moen's excellent servo motor solutions to the broader industry user market.

“Today's industrial control users pay more attention to the stability and adaptability of the application. The goal of Moen Electric is to lay a solid foundation in every industry of product application, to take root in the industry market and meet the actual requirements of users. We will Customer-oriented, leveraging the strength of its own technological innovation, the product quality stability, consistency, and the ability to respond quickly and responsively to customers, shorten the feedback process to the market, and quickly enhance the market's awareness of the Moen brand. Recognition, establishes a good brand image of Moen in the market.” Mr. Fang Junjun said.

Speaking of the future development of Moen Electric, Mr. Fang Junjun said that the goal of Moen Electric is to gradually integrate the technical team, manufacturing team and sales team within the company to achieve the overall improvement of the company. In the year, we strive to achieve an annual sales capacity of 200,000 units. With a firm goal and a solid foundation, Moen Motor is moving in the direction of corporate planning!


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