Create A New Business Card For Manufacturing

- Nov 11, 2018-

Create a "new business card" for manufacturing

The implementation guides for the five major projects were jointly issued by the four ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Zuo Shiquan said that "Made in China 2025" has risen to the height of the country. It needs to coordinate several ministries and commissions. With the establishment of the leading group of manufacturing powers, Ma Kai, the vice premier of the State Council, has formed a corresponding inter-ministerial coordination mechanism.

According to the Planning Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Manufacturing Powerful Country Construction Strategy Advisory Committee has set up a professional group for the implementation of the five major projects, and participated in the research, discussion, drafting and demonstration of relevant guidelines.

It is worth noting that the date of the five major projects was written in April this year. As early as the end of last year, Li Beiguang, deputy director of the Planning Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, told the 21st Century Business Herald that the five major project implementation guidelines were “Made in China 2025” “1+X”. The first batch of supporting documents will be released in early 2016, but in fact, it was not officially announced until the end of August.

Zuo Shiquan told the 21st Century Economic Reporter that the reason why the implementation guide was late was the cautiousness in the high-end equipment innovation project. “Deferred release is mainly due to the fact that some of the high-end equipment innovation projects need to be revised, and there are some confidential content that need to be repeatedly demonstrated and de-secured after a period of time.”

High-end equipment such as high-speed rail nuclear power is becoming a business card made in China because of its core competitiveness. The implementation guide for high-end equipment innovation projects clearly stated that it will break through a number of key technologies and core components, develop a number of key products and equipment that are iconic and motivating, realize the engineering and industrial application of a number of major equipments, and build Chinese manufacturing. Industry "new business card".

The high-end equipment innovation project is also the only implementation guide for detailed planning of specific industries and even products in the five major projects. It is required that by 2020, large aircraft will break through the technical bottleneck restricting its development. The C919 narrow-body aircraft will be tested and put into operation, initially forming industrial development capability, and launching serialized development in a timely manner. In aviation engines, it will break through large-scale wide-body aircraft. Key technologies for engines, basic research, technology and product development and industrial systems for independent innovation of aero-engines and gas turbines.

In civil aviation, by 2020, the new generation of launch vehicle systems will be basically completed. The Long March 5 and 8 will be completed and the first flight will be completed. The key technologies of the heavy-duty launch vehicle project will be broken, and the national civil space infrastructure system will be basically built.

In 2020, the 350km/h standard EMU will form an internationally advanced product and realize industrialization; the overall fuel consumption of passenger car new cars will drop to 5 liters/100km, and the market share of independent new energy vehicles will reach over 70%, power battery, The key systems such as drive motors have reached the international advanced level and have a domestic market share of 80%.

Nuclear power equipment will fully master the three-generation nuclear power design and manufacturing technology in 2020, and has the ability to export in sets. In terms of CNC machine tools, by 2020, the domestic market share of high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment will exceed 70%, and the standard and intelligent domestic market share of CNC systems will reach 60% and 10% respectively.

In addition, regarding high-performance medical devices, 10 leading companies with annual sales revenues exceeding 1.5 billion yuan and R&D investment strengths of 10% or more will be cultivated.

A number of interviewees said that with the release of the five major project implementation guidelines, these specific arrangements will be implemented as soon as possible, and the announcement of the "Made in China 2025" supporting program is also expected to accelerate.

Li Beiguang, deputy director of the Planning Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that after the implementation of the "Made in China 2025", the National Manufacturing Power Building Leading Group has started the preparation of the "1+X" planning system, of which "X" includes 11 supporting programs, except In addition to the implementation guidelines of the five major projects, it also includes four development plans, including manufacturing talents, information industry, new materials industry, and pharmaceutical industry, and two action plans for developing service-oriented manufacturing and promoting the quality brand of equipment manufacturing.

Zuo Shiquan said that the implementation of "Made in China 2025" is an urgent task. The five major engineering supporting plans were announced later, but in fact the specific work in the implementation guide has already begun, such as the National Power Battery Innovation Center that was established at the end of June. Is the first manufacturing innovation center.

“After the release of the five major engineering projects, several other development plans and action plans are also expected to accelerate. In fact, service-oriented manufacturing has issued corresponding action guides, and the pace of “Made in China 2025” is expected to accelerate further.” Zuo Shi All said.

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