Criteria For Explosion-proof Motor

- Feb 08, 2017-

1, explosion-proof motor industry must resolutely implement the small three-phase induction motors limited values of energy efficiency standards and energy efficiency grade of explosion-proof motor, can China achieve energy-saving emission reduction targets, has made a great contribution to protecting the environment, production licence for explosion-proof electric products will be in accordance with new standards for explosion-proof motor industry certification;

2, while the national standard of GB18613-2012 energy efficiency compared with the previous version has been improved, but in this industry in China to promote the YB3 series explosion-safe three-phase asynchronous motor specifications meet the level 3 limited values of energy efficiency in the GB18613-2012, with some specifications to meet the new standards a level 2 limited values of energy efficiency.

3, YB3 series production enterprises to speed up the production and marketing of motor speed, when the national explosion-proof electric products quality supervision and inspection Center for explosion protected electrical products production license review and other related departments will assist the enterprises to do this work.

4, from September 1, 2012, all manufacturers or importers of manufactured or imported by small and medium sized three-phase asynchronous motors, according to China national standard GB 18613-2012 the small three-phase induction motors limited values of energy efficiency and the level of enforcement of energy efficiency energy efficiency label. China National Institute of standardization energy efficiency label Management Center have begun to embrace the new standard file, I have the record. New record sections as before, but consumption in accordance with test method from the hybrid 0.5% calculation method changed to GB/T-1032-b method measure the loss of input-output analysis. For prior to the 2006 version of the standard models need to change that record record change records be provided by paragraph 1 1 test report.

5, purchase depends on the production of explosion-proof motor is equipped with explosion-proof certificate. Explosion-proof motors are mainly used for coal, oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries. Explosion-proof motor rated voltage, rated current, power, speed, and General Motors marked, as are explosion-proof Motors explosion-proof

6, mark: Ex groups, explosion-proof type + category + gas + temperature group explosion-proof type

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