CRRC Successfully Developed The World's First Shield Machine Permanent Magnet Motor

- Nov 10, 2018-

CRRC successfully developed the world's first shield machine permanent magnet motor

After the permanent magnet power technology was successfully applied in the fields of high-speed rail, wind power, air-conditioning, new energy vehicles, etc., CZ Zhuzhou Motor Co., Ltd. once again successfully applied permanent magnet technology to the field of large-scale mechanical heavy industry for the first time in the world - the world's first shield machine The permanent magnet synchronous motor was successfully developed and successfully delivered to the customer to start the loading test run. This indicates that CZ Zhuzhou Electric Co., Ltd. has reached the international leading position in the field of permanent magnet drive technology for shield machines. Using this technology, while achieving significant energy savings, it can effectively improve the overall performance of the shield machine.

According to reports, the permanent magnet synchronous drive equipment used on the shield machine inherits the excellent performances of energy saving, high efficiency and reliability of the permanent magnet high-speed traction motor. At the same time, it also has three advantages: it is more suitable for the multi-motor cooperative working mode of the shield machine. The permanent magnet motor efficiency curve is more in line with the actual operating conditions of the shield machine operating conditions; the permanent magnet motor under the same power greatly reduces the weight, the volume is smaller, and the maintenance is more convenient than the three-phase asynchronous motor. On the 6m diameter and total power 1056kW shield machine put into trial operation, the permanent magnet synchronous motor matching system will be more than 10% more efficient than the same power asynchronous motor, and can save more than 100 degrees per hour. Calculating 8 hours a day, the roadheader saves nearly 1,000 kilowatt hours per working day and saves at least 1,000 yuan per day.

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