Current Situation And Future Trend Of Energy Saving Development Of China Asynchronous Motor Suppliers

- Oct 14, 2019-

Current situation and future trend of energy saving development of China asynchronous motor suppliers

1. Using motors to achieve energy conservation From the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, efficiency motors are not only the trend of cement factories but also all domestic industrial development. Among the country's six major power consumption industries, the cement industry ranks among them, and it is also the main application area of small and medium-sized Motors. The greater the energy consumption, the higher the potential for energy conservation. In general, most of the motors in the main production workshops of cement plants(raw material Mills, rotary kilns and cement Mills) are 24h continuous work, long working hours, and relatively stable workload. These characteristics are conducive to the promotion and use of motors in cement plants. According to GB18613-2006 "Limited Energy Efficiency and Energy Efficiency of Small and Medium-sized Three-phase Asynchronous Motor", China divides the motor energy efficiency into three levels, the energy efficiency first level is a supermotor, the energy efficiency second level is a motor, and the energy efficiency third level is an ordinary motor. The motor process is formed by optimizing the design and adopting high-quality materials, and its energy consumption can be reduced by about 20 % on average. The energy consumption of supermotors exceeds that of ordinary Motors by more than 30 %, and in the entire production cycle, synchronous micromotors can save energy for enterprises. Although the price is between 15 % and 30 % higher than that of ordinary Motors, under normal circumstances, its one-time investment higher than that of ordinary motors can generally be fully recovered within 1 to 3 years. Therefore, the use of high-quality energy-saving motors in cement plants with long-term continuous operation and high load ratios is not only in line with China's energy conservation policy, but also for single-phase micromotors, and it is very necessary from the perspective of the survival and development of enterprises. And practical.


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