Customized 3 Phase Induction Motor

- Sep 16, 2019-

The Customized 3 phase induction motor asynchronous servo motor adopts polymer insulation material and vacuum pressure immersion paint manufacturing process as well as special insulation structure, so that the electrical winding adopts insulation and pressure resistance and mechanical strength are greatly improved. It is capable of operating the motor at high speed and resisting the high-frequency current impact of the inverter and the damage of the voltage to the insulation. The balance quality is high, the vibration grade is R-grade(shock level), the machining precision of mechanical parts is high, and the use of special high-precision bearings can operate at high speed. Forced ventilation and cooling system, all imported axial fan ultra-silent, high life, strong wind. Ensure that the motor at any speed, effective heat dissipation, can achieve high or low speed long-term operation.


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