Customized Brushless PM Motor

- Jan 11, 2021-

Customized brushless PM motor in which the electronic commutator has several scalar controls.1) Scalar control based on steady-state model

The original operation mode of AC motor is uncontrolled operation.Its control functions are limited to on and off and, in some cases, auxiliary starting, braking and reversal.In order to meet the needs of some speed transmission, produced some of the poor control performance, such as the squirrel cage asynchronous motor step-down control of motor speed, wound rotor asynchronous motor rotor resistance and electromagnetic slip clutch control of speed and wound rotor asynchronous motor speed regulating pole series, squirrel cage asynchronous motor variant pressure frequency control of motor speed (VVVF), speed regulating pole change motor and synchronous motor variable voltage variable frequency speed regulation.In the above speed regulation methods, except variable voltage frequency speed regulation, generally for open loop control, without frequency converter, simple equipment, but low efficiency, poor performance.The closed-loop control of slip frequency composed of squirrel cage asynchronous motor based on constant voltage frequency ratio control has relatively good performance, but because they are based on steady state model, the dynamic performance is poor, generally only used in water pump, fan and other dynamic performance requirements are low energy saving speed regulation and general speed regulation.


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