DC Motor Future Areas Which Are Worth Looking Forward To

- Nov 02, 2017-

2017 air-conditioning market can be described as "hot", last year at this time still under high demand for low inventory to bring the "bitterness", twinkling of an eye to reverse the situation, the second half of 2016 high temperature weather led the entire air conditioning industry inventory digestion, followed Air conditioning up and down the price surge, so that "a long time depression," the air conditioning once again showing all the way to sing, great momentum of rapid progress.

Frequency conversion market performance gratifying proportion of DC motor

In recent years, by the pre-market downturn and consumer demand changes, the upgrading of products to frequency and intelligent into a new market trend. Coupled with the continuous support of the national policy side, more mature frequency technology, making the domestic inverter air conditioner market made rapid development.

According to industry online recent data show that 2017 Q1 inverter air conditioner industry output reached 11,948,800 units, an increase of 55.2%. With the strong downstream market demand driven, the domestic DC motor market is also growing. According to statistics, 2017 Q1 air-conditioning DC motor market total sales of 19.227 million units, an increase of 26.9% year on year, slightly lower than the inverter air conditioner growth, but the growth rate is higher than the AC motor.

Compared with the AC motor, DC motor has many advantages, one, the DC motor rotor using permanent magnet material, basically no rotor loss, energy saving effect is very obvious; Second, the DC motor rotor through the permanent magnetic field to drive, to achieve ultra-quiet air conditioning Run; Third, the DC motor using brushless operation technology, by changing the voltage or current to adjust the motor speed, run more reliable, more accurate adjustment.

In 2017, DC motor accounted for 27% of the overall domestic air-conditioning motor market, an increase of 3.8% over 2016, AC motor market share is corresponding to the emergence of the inverter air conditioner market continues to heat up, to promote the development of DC motor, from the market share point of view, Down. Although the replacement speed is lower than the inverter air conditioner, but the DC motor for energy efficiency 1 and energy efficiency 2 inverter air conditioner is of great significance, but by the enterprise cost control growth is relatively slow.

Local enterprises rise Japanese share is reduced

After years of accumulated technology, local enterprises gradually cut a striking figure, multi-enterprise DC motor has long been mass production, and has begun with long-term monopoly of Japanese companies compete for the market. According to industry online data show that as of the first quarter of 2017, local enterprises market share compared with the same period last year increased by nearly 9%, the corresponding Japanese brand has been reduced.

Domestic domestic DC motor production enterprises performed well, especially Welling, Wolong, Kai Bang three companies, the scale of a substantial increase. It is reported that with the frequency of the market hot, driven by DC motor market orders increased, more enterprises reflect the situation in short supply, there are some corporate feedback, 2017 will slowly adjust the capacity layout, DC motor will occupy more share.

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