Dedicated To Build A Domestic Servo Motor Brand

- Dec 04, 2018-

Dedicated to build a domestic servo motor brand

The single-mindedness is the way of development of the enterprise. It is necessary to be single-minded in doing things. It is also necessary to be single-minded in doing business. It is the so-called avenue to simplicity and excellence. Zhongda Motor is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the production and sales of motion control motors in China. It is also an enterprise that passed the ISO9001 quality system certification earlier in the domestic industry. With the rapid development of the domestic motor market, in recent years, Delta Motors focuses on the development of the servo motor.

Mr. Xu Wenxuan said: "In general, the development of a company will encounter different choices at different stages, but first we must recognize ourselves, clarify the positioning and scale of the company, and develop a suitable company accordingly. Development plan. As far as Zhongda Motor is concerned, our main focus is on the servo motor, which focuses on improving the competitiveness of the products. Although the company is not very large, we will concentrate all resources. Good servo motor products, and concentrate on building an excellent domestic servo motor brand."

In order to ensure the high quality of the servo motor, especially to improve the consistency of the product, Zhongda Motor first started from the motor design, and through hard work, gradually mastered the independent development capability of the servo motor design, which can be customized for users in different industries. Various special types of servo motor products. "The rationalized motor design is the top priority of product consistency and quality assurance. It is the basis for the production of products. A small size in design is not in place, which will have a great impact on the products produced. Therefore, to ensure the products Consistent quality level, design must be done well.” Mr. Xu Wenxuan said.

At the same time, the introduction of automated production equipment is also very important. In recent years, Zhongda Motor has continuously increased its investment in automation equipment, increased the productivity of automated machines, and minimized human error to improve product quality. In addition, with the rich production experience of the skilled workers accumulated by the company for many years, as well as strengthening the training of workers' work skills and the quality of work, it is also an important factor to ensure the high consistency of Zhongda Motor's products.

According to reports, the current servo motor product line of Zhongda Motor has covered many applications such as low power, medium and large power, large inertia, and special machine tool spindles. Among them, 60, 80 series (200W-1kW) low-power servo motor products can provide 4 pairs or 5 pairs of poles, encoders for incremental 17-bit, absolute 17-bit and 23-bit, suitable for automation equipment, industrial Emerging industries such as robots. 110, 130 series (1.2-3.8kW) large inertia servo motor products are significantly smaller than the previous generation, the product precision is high, and the use function is perfectly interpreted in the equipment demand response. The 180, 220 series (3.5-17.6kW) medium and high power servo motors are mainly used in die casting machines and injection molding machines. In addition, the high-performance special-purpose machine tool spindle servo motor developed by Zhongda Motor effectively breaks through the working limitations of the original three-phase asynchronous motor or asynchronous spindle servo motor, and can realize the simultaneous operation of three-axis, four-axis and five-axis, greatly improving the special machine tool. Productivity and the ability to process shaped products.

Market management is based on honesty

This year, Zhongda Motor's business developed well and its performance growth doubled. Faced with the increasingly fierce competitive environment in the servo motor market in recent years, Zhongda Motor has always been centered on the market, and in the process of serving customers, it is the foundation of enterprise development with integrity, truth-seeking and diligence.

The first is integrity. Mr. Xu Wenxuan said: "Integrity is the most important thing to do business. To promise the promise of the customer, we must guarantee the quality and quantity. The customer is God, whether it is a big customer or a small customer, Zhongda Motor has tried its best to do it. Best. As a manufacturing company, the increase of customers is a process of accumulating slowly. It requires long-term cooperation to increase mutual trust. Such cooperation can last for a long time, and enterprises will have long-term development."

Then there is truth. In the cooperation with customers, Zhongda Motor strives to make the customers feel the sincerity and firmness of the company and let the customers feel at ease. For the servo drive industry, the most important downstream supporting industry of servo motors, it is still in the stage of continuous development of technology. In particular, to meet the needs of certain market segments, more servo motor companies and drive manufacturers are needed. The units come together to complete. To this end, Zhongda Motor strives to consider the customer in the process of serving the customer, cooperate with the customer to do the relevant work, do their best to coordinate the customer's needs, and even help the customer to solve the motor failure caused by the mistake of the motor selection.

The last is hard work. Mr. Xu Wenxuan said: "Diligence is the foundation of doing business. The so-called one-point harvesting, we must not be afraid of hard work as an industrial enterprise. In the case of fierce market competition, once we are lax and lazy, we may lose. There are many business opportunities. Heaven is ultimately rewarding. If we work hard, we will definitely gain something."

Embark on a new journey of enterprise development

In 2017, Zhongda Motor passed the 30-year history of enterprise development. In the view of Mr. Xu Wenxuan, all the achievements of the company are attributed to the efforts and efforts of every employee of Zhongda Motor. At the same time, with 30 years of product development and production experience in the motor industry, Zhongda people have a more unique and profound understanding of the future development of the company.

Mr. Xu Wenxuan said: "Enterprises are made by people. A good company is bound to achieve the ultimate in personnel training and protection of employees' interests. Enterprises must be more attentive to the talents, stay in the talents, raise the prison, and give enough employees The trust allows employees to give full play to their talents. Only in this way can enterprises develop in a long-term and steady manner. On the other hand, enterprises must also review the situation, understand and grasp the market demand trends in a timely manner, and formulate corporate development plans with a long-term perspective. Good technical reserves and resource inputs will add sufficient momentum to the future development of the company."

According to reports, in order to adapt to the faster and faster development of the market and the constant changes in market demand, in recent years, the major shareholders of Zhongda Motor have continued to increase investment in production equipment and production resources on the basis of the company's benefits. The virtuous circle of enterprise growth has greatly enhanced the competitiveness of the company and laid a solid foundation for the company to further develop the servo motor market in the future.

30 years of hard work and wind, the achievement of today's Zhongda Motor. In the spirit of single-minded and honest enterprise, Zhongda Motor has embarked on a new journey. In the process of the current industrial upgrading and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry, the establishment of an excellent domestic servo motor brand has become the next important development of Zhongda Motor. The goal is to believe that Zhongda Motor will have a better tomorrow!

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