Demand For Diesel Generator Sets In Traditional Aquaculture Industry

- Oct 11, 2018-

The traditional aquaculture industry has gradually developed to scale. With the development of science and technology, the need for problems in the aquaculture production process has to be taken seriously, including the demand for power generation equipment.

1. The scale of traditional aquaculture industry needs to be mechanized, and the processing of feed, breeding equipment and ventilation and cooling equipment are all mechanized, and the use of mechanical tools determines that the demand for electricity in the breeding industry is one minute. Can not be interrupted. In addition to the normal power supply of the mains, it is also necessary to consider the diesel generator set to generate electricity as a backup power source.

2. The most important thing in the breeding process is ventilation and cooling. In summer, the high temperature weather makes the relatively closed breeding workshop have higher temperature and higher temperature. Once all the equipment stops working, the high temperature and ventilation will not be smooth. At this time, if there is no diesel generator set to provide the store to let the ventilation and cooling equipment continue to work, then the high temperature will cause the group to suffer from group death and injury. These losses are far more than the losses of a diesel generator set. The cost is much larger. Therefore, the use of diesel generator sets as backup power sources by aquaculture companies must be considered and must be implemented by aquaculture companies.

Mechanized operation reduces labor costs and increases dependence on electricity. Therefore, Starlight recommends that backup power be taken into account in the initial stage of aquaculture construction, so that these mechanized equipment can be effectively served for enterprises, diesel generator sets. As the best choice for backup power supply, aquaculture companies must choose the right generator set according to their own needs.

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