Demand For Medium And High Voltage Motors In Southeast Asia Is Expected To Rise Sharply

- Oct 28, 2018-

Demand for medium and high voltage motors in Southeast Asia is expected to rise sharply

The increasing demand for new automation technologies in the power generation, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, metals and mining, water and wastewater industries will drive sales growth in Southeast Asia's medium and high voltage motors. The market will also benefit from increasing environmental concerns and regulations that require the use of high efficiency motors.

When users choose high-quality, reliable MV/HV motors for critical equipment, the competitive pressure from low-cost manufacturers is not as significant as that of low-voltage motor manufacturers. But this pressure can not be ignored, and well-known suppliers are stepping up to introduce new technologies that can reduce maintenance costs and motor power consumption.

One such technology is equipment that continuously monitors the health of the motor to prevent preventive maintenance before the motor fails, reducing maintenance costs and downtime costs. This will offset the high initial investment cost of the MV/HV motor with a shorter revenue cycle. To keep the market alive, Frost & Sullivan recommends that manufacturers tell end users about these advantages and the quality and reliability advantages of MV/HV motors.

According to Frost & Sullivan's latest forecast, sales of medium voltage and high voltage motors in Southeast Asia will increase from 615.4 million units in 2012 to 802 million units by 2019.

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