Demonstrate The Latest Drive Technology: Condition Monitoring And Predictive Maintenance

- Nov 12, 2018-

Demonstrate the latest drive technology: condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

At the Hannover Messe this year, Nord Drive Group demonstrated a drive motor with advanced condition monitoring that supports predictive maintenance.

Nord integrates a PLC in the drive to monitor the entire drive system, evaluate sensor data, and evaluate system status through intelligent algorithms. Its industrial gearboxes contain sensors and dedicated evaluation technology to provide different condition monitoring methods. Vibration and oil sensors provide important real-time data on wear. Vibration analysis shows the bearing and gear status, and oil analysis helps determine when the lubricant needs to be replaced.

Just as “virtual sensing” equipment shows preventive maintenance even without the use of external sensors and the high cost they generate: in this exhibition, the drive system integrates process data from the drive system and uses algorithmic calculations. Maintenance time, combined with product data and decades of application technology experience. This function is based on the fieldbus independent reference architecture, the factory automation monitoring status defined by the German Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers Association in the VDMA 24582 technical specification. Nord also fully verified the calculated values of real laboratory measurements to further optimization. These software diagnostics are a particularly effective solution for the same small drive motors. New features in the drive help customers extend product life, increase availability, and reduce maintenance costs.


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