Development Of Motor Drive Experience In Steel Strip Hot Dip Galvanizing Line

- Sep 29, 2018-

Surface treatment network: The previous production lines were all driven by DC. That is because the driving technology at that time can only realize the armature voltage regulation and excitation current regulation of the DC motor, so that the motor speed and output torque can be adjusted according to the production line process requirements. The AC motor can only run at a certain speed at a 50 Hz power frequency. However, DC motors are bulky, complex in structure, and costly to maintain, which has a great impact on the management and operating costs of the production line.

At present, with the development of variable frequency speed control technology, especially the maturity of vector control technology, AC variable frequency motor has gradually replaced DC motor and used it in various continuous operation lines. Compared with the traditional DC motor, the vector-controlled AC variable frequency motor is not only compact in structure, but also has low maintenance cost, and its mechanical characteristics and speed regulation accuracy are comparable to DC motors.

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