Diesel Engine Originated In Europe. Not Popular In Japan And China.

- Oct 10, 2018-

Diesel engine from Europe

In China, when you mention a diesel engine, you may first think of a big truck or tractor in your mind, and the tail may still be carrying thick black smoke. However, if the diesel engine is mentioned to the Europeans, it is very likely that the image of various cars will appear in their minds. This difference is inextricably linked to the history of European cars.

Europeans have deep roots with diesel engines. As early as 70 years ago, a diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz sedan was born, which was much more efficient than other gasoline-powered cars of that era. And in the 1990s, the birth of CDI (Common Rail Direct Injection System) technology greatly promoted the development and popularization of diesel vehicles. Europeans are also developing their diesel engines. Most of Europe's fuel is dependent on imports, and its oil prices are relatively higher than in other parts of the world. For the sake of saving money, people are more inclined to buy fuel-efficient diesel cars. Therefore, the technical breakthroughs of diesel engines are basically derived from European automobile manufacturers, and the current proportion of diesel vehicles in Europe is also the highest in the world. The global expansion of European car companies has also directly driven the popularity of diesel vehicles around the world. Next, let's take a look at the diesel engine occupancy in the major automotive markets around the world.

Half of Europe's cars use diesel

As the birthplace of diesel engines in Europe, the number of diesel cars is extremely high. On the one hand, because oil is completely dependent on imports in Europe, the average oil price is much higher than in other parts of the world. The fuel-saving characteristics of diesel engines are favored by consumers. On the other hand, European countries are more concerned about carbon dioxide emissions in terms of emission standards, the latter being the culprit of the greenhouse effect. The mechanism of carbon dioxide emissions lower than that of gasoline engines is of course supported by governments, so the tax rate of diesel in Europe is lower than that of gasoline. Due to the above advantages, diesel engines are very competitive in Europe. According to Wikipedia, in 2007, nearly 50% of new cars sold in Europe used diesel engines. If SUVs and pickups are also taken into account, this percentage will increase by at least 10%.

American people expect diesel cars

The situation in the United States is different from Europe. On the one hand, the average US oil price is about twice as cheap as that of Europe, so the fuel-saving features of diesel vehicles are not prominent. On the other hand, the US emission standards are different from those in Europe, and more attention is paid to the control of nitrogen oxides and particulate matter, which is the soft underbelly of diesel engines. Under the influence of emission standards, the tax rate of diesel is also higher than that of gasoline, which makes the economics of American diesel vehicles greatly reduced. At present, the proportion of gasoline vehicles in the United States is as high as 95% (including SUVs, commercial vehicles), and many gas stations do not even have diesel fuel pumps. For all kinds of reasons, diesel cars made by American car companies are usually sold to Europe and not sold in the domestic market. However, many Americans are calling for more and more diesel vehicles to appear in the country. A car owner on the ScientificAmerican website questioned: Why are many European high-performance diesel vehicles not available in the US? Most of the follow-ups support diesel vehicles, and they criticize the state government's emission standards for obsolescence, the combination of car companies and oil companies, and the high tax rate for diesel fuel.

Diesel cars in China and Japan are not yet popular

The situation in Japan is similar to the United States. On the one hand, Japan's oil prices are low, and diesel economy is not outstanding. On the other hand, Japan's emission regulations are the most stringent in the world, and diesel vehicles are difficult to obtain for sale in the country. The proportion of diesel vehicles in Japan is only about 0.5%, but many Japanese car companies have produced diesel models for sale in Europe.

The situation in China is somewhat special. China's national emission standards are basically copied from Europe. It is reasonable to say that it is beneficial for European car companies to mass produce and sell diesel cars in China. But at present, although most commercial vehicles and many SUVs use diesel, the proportion of cars using diesel is very low, about 0.2%, not only far lower than Europe, but also lower than the United States and Japan where diesel vehicles are still not popular. . The specific reasons are very complicated and will be stated later.

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