Diesel Motor Technology, Local Power Is Catching Up

- Nov 01, 2018-

As the research and development platform of the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (referred to as “China Shipbuilding Group”), China Shipbuilding Power Research Institute brought two marine diesel engines with their own brands to the 18th China International Maritime Exhibition. The most important concern is that under the leadership and support of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the new generation of China's new generation of small-bore marine low-speed diesel engines, the 6EX340EF, has been launched for the first time in the global marine market.

According to reports, the 6EX340 series is a green and economical low-speed diesel engine tailored by China Shipbuilding Power Research Institute for China's river-sea combined transport and offshore shipping. It adopts the international advanced electronic control and fuel common rail system, and is equipped with high efficiency and high pressure ratio. The supercharger achieves two core indicators of high power output and low fuel consumption, meets the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Tier II emission standards, and the key indicators have surpassed the international advanced technology level of small-bore low-speed diesel engines of the same specifications. In addition, the product has good manufacturability and manufacturing cost, and has a strong competitive advantage. It also has excellent quality such as high reliability, long overhaul period and convenient maintenance.

Another type of self-owned brand 10000kW power medium speed machine 12MV390 launched by CSIC Power Research Institute has been built for 5 years. It is China's new generation of self-owned brand high-power medium-speed diesel engine that catches up with the world's latest level. The advanced electronic control and fuel common rail system has many excellent characteristics such as wide application range, high reliability, long overhaul period and convenient maintenance. The key indicators have surpassed the international advanced technology level of medium speed diesel engines of the same cylinder diameter range. His birth officially opened the road to independent development of China's high-power medium-speed machine.

It is reported that the MV390 series models range from 10,200 kW to 17,000 kW, fully meeting the 10,000-50,000-ton offshore and inland ship propulsion, large-scale engineering vessels, LNG vessels, large-scale ship power stations, large-scale land power stations, nuclear power emergency diesel generator sets. The power demand for high-end major equipment such as offshore platforms and luxury cruise ships.

According to industry experts, the 6EX340EF is a marine “China Heart” with completely independent intellectual property rights. It fills the blank of the self-branded two-stroke low-speed diesel engine power and rewrites the history of domestic high-power low-speed diesel engines. The 12MV390 fills the blank of domestic high-speed medium-speed diesel engines.

In the field of high-speed engines, the first self-owned brand CHD622V20CR high-speed and high-power diesel engine independently developed by Hechai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was also launched at this year's exhibition. This machine is the world's most advanced diesel engine with clean and efficient energy technology as the core. The maximum power of a single machine reaches 3800kW and the speed reaches 1800r/min, which fills the blank of domestic high-speed diesel engine power above 3500kW. It is the first to achieve a major breakthrough in the research and manufacture of high-speed high-power diesel engines in the field of high-pressure common rail technology. This "China Heart" It shows the improvement of China's power products and the level of Chinese manufacturing. CHD622V20CR marine high-speed diesel engine as the main engine or auxiliary machine, can be widely used in marine transport ships, cruise ships, salvage ships, official ships, ships and other markets.

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