Digital Motor Factory Increases Production Efficiency By 40%

- Nov 23, 2018-

Digital motor factory increases production efficiency by 40%

Siemens uses its German electric motor factory as a platform to show that "digital" manufacturing can reduce production time by 40%, while reducing the factory calibration loop by 50% and increasing the ramp time of the new machine by 50%.

Siemens has been producing industrial engines for 80 years and is currently using some of the latest technologies to improve and upgrade its production processes.

Factory director Peter Deml explained, “In the process of digital factory, at first we focused on using digital to create consistency in the CAD-CAM processing chain, including tool and NC program management, previously independent systems that were synchronized and equipped with digital interfaces. In addition, we have introduced new tools, optimized the NC program, and made various design adjustments."

Siemens is using the factory as a platform for digital technology display. Visitors can see how Siemens is implementing new technologies and improving production efficiency. Siemens plans to use digital platforms and application examples to showcase to customers (machine manufacturers and operators) that the benefits of digital technology provided by Siemens can be achieved.

Digital solutions will allow companies to continue to lead and become possible in the future global competition.


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