Discount Big Power Motor

- Sep 14, 2020-

Provide discount high-power motor, in life we will often use stepper motor, in the use of the process we should pay attention to what?Attention points in the application

1. Stepper motor is used in low-speed situations -- the speed is not more than 1000 revolutions per minute (0.9OC, 6666PPS), and it can be used between 1000-3000pps(0.9OC). It can be made to work at this time by means of reduction device, with high efficiency and low noise.

2. The stepping motor does not use the whole step state, and the whole step state has a large vibration.

3, due to historical reasons, only a nominal for the 12 v voltage of motor using 12 v, the other motor voltage value is not driving voltage v, can choose according to drive the driving voltage (suggestion: 57 byg adopts dc 24 v and 36 v, 86 byg adopts dc 50 v, 110 byg USES the above dc 80 v), 12 volts, of course, in addition to the 12 v constant voltage driver can also be driven by other power supply, but want to consider temperature rise.

4. Motor with large frame size should be selected for load with large moment of inertia.

5, the motor at a relatively high speed or large inertia load, generally do not start at the working speed, but the use of gradually lifting frequency and speed up, one motor without losing step, two can reduce noise and can improve the positioning accuracy of the stop.

6, high precision, should be through the mechanical deceleration, improve the motor speed, or use a high fine fraction of the driver to solve, can also use 5 phase motor, but the price of the whole system is more expensive, the manufacturer is less, the words of its elimination is a layman's jargon.

7. The motor should not work in the vibration zone. If necessary, it can be solved by changing voltage, current or adding some damping.

8. The motor works below 600PPS (0.9 degree), and should be driven by small current, large inductance and low voltage.

9, should follow the principle of selecting the motor before selecting the drive.


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