Discount Induction Motors

- Nov 20, 2020-

Production discount induction motor, stable delivery, preferential prices, welcome inquiries!Induction motor, also known as DAO "asynchronous motor", is a device where DU places the rotor in the rotating zhi magnetic field DAO, under the action of the rotating magnetic field, to obtain a torque belonging to the driving force and thus the rotor rotates.A rotor is a rotatable conductor, usually in the shape of a squirrel cage.The stator is the non-rotating part of the motor, whose main task is to generate a rotating magnetic field.Rotating magnetic fields are not achieved mechanically.Instead, alternating current is used in a pair of electromagnets to change the properties of their poles in a circular manner, thus acting as a rotating magnetic field.Unlike dc motors, this type of motor does not have a brush or collector ring. Depending on the type of alternating current used, there are single-phase motors and three-phase motors. Single-phase motors are used in washing machines, electric fans, etc.Three-phase motors are used as the plant's power equipment.


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