Discount Induction Motors Characteristics

- Sep 20, 2019-

discount Induction motors characteristics

1, reasonable structure design flexible lead line direction, cover pole motor junction box itself can be rotated and installed

2, superior cover motor performance low noise, low vibration, high performance protection level

3, many choices to meet the needs of various users installed thermistors

4, adopt the optimal design, has the high efficiency, can produce the considerable energy saving effect

5, install dust sealing ring, plus tropical, oil sealing ring, injection oil, special shaft extension, special flange and other requirements.

Shenzhen Odin Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. It produces 2 million micro-motors of various types each year, including various series Motors, shading Motors, DC motors, induction Motors, and Gearbox Motors. The company has strong technical force and advanced management. In addition to producing the above Motors according to international standards, it can also carry out product development and design according to customer requirements.

In the company: "quality first, users first" purpose, dedicated to serving users at home and abroad.


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