Discount Motor Universal

- Jun 30, 2020-

The company has 30 years of working experience in this field, familiar with the operation and use of motors, offer customers the best price, including discount motor universal and DC motor, AC motor we are not unfamiliar, then its torque or flux control method is what

In T·G·Habetler's DTC method without difference beat, a series of simplified DTC methods are presented due to the large amount of calculation and difficulty in implementation, and the typical one is the torque tracking prediction method.In this method, the low speed torque ripple is analyzed, and the conclusion of torque ripple sawtooth asymmetry is drawn.

The effect of a non-zero voltage vector on torque is different from that of a zero voltage vector. The former can cause the torque to rise or fall, while the latter always causes the torque to fall.In addition, the rate of change of torque is also varying at different speeds.In the torque predictive control method, the voltage vector's position in space is fixed and synthesized in the middle of two single voltage vectors, but the voltage vector does not act on the whole sampling period, but has a certain duty ratio, and can be divided into non-zero voltage vector and zero voltage vector in a sampling period.If the torque variation caused by the combined action of the next sampling period non-zero voltage vector and zero voltage vector is equal to the torque error calculated in this period.

The torque error is eliminated and the torque beat - free control is achieved.Even if the acting time of the calculated voltage vector exceeds the sampling period, it can be replaced by the full voltage vector, so it is very easy to realize. From the experimental results, the sawtooth of the torque ripple is basically symmetric, indicating that the torque ripple has been greatly reduced.According to the above method, the flux is controlled accurately or changes slowly, but the beat - free control of the flux is not considered.


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