Discount Rc Brushless Motor

- Feb 24, 2021-

Provide discounted rc brushless motors, brushed motors. When the motor is working, the coil and commutator rotate, and the magnet and carbon brushes do not rotate. The alternating current direction of the coil is completed by the inverter and brushes that rotate with the motor. In the electric vehicle industry, brush motors are divided into high-speed brush motors and low-speed brush motors. There are many differences between a brush motor and a brushless motor. From the name, you can see that the brush motor has carbon brushes, and the brushless motor does not have carbon brushes. The brushless DC motor is composed of the motor body and the driver, which is a typical mechatronics. product. Since the brushless DC motor runs in a self-controlled manner, it will not add a start winding to the rotor like a synchronous motor that is started under heavy load under variable frequency speed regulation, nor will it cause oscillation and loss of synchronization when the load changes suddenly.

In the actual production process, because the brushed and toothed DC motor is a high-speed motor, the teeth of the gear are small and easy to wear, but the force is large and the climbing ability is strong. The brushless DC motor saves the trouble of replacing the carbon brushes in two or three years. However, due to the process of controlling the brushless motor, extremely high precision is required. Moreover, the price of brushless motor controllers is also higher. In contrast, a DC motor with brushes and gearless, although it is necessary to replace the carbon brushes, it is very easy to replace the carbon brushes, and the control of the motor is relatively simple, the motor runs smoothly, and the safety factor is high.


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