Discount Stepper Motor

- Nov 08, 2019-

Steelness of stepping motor: Since the motor is a moving part, there is inevitable inertia in the work. But because inertia produces vibration in the process of starting and stopping, it will affect the machining accuracy and machine service life. Therefore, it should be possible to use a small stepping motor(it is known that the larger the motor, the greater the inertia, the smaller the motor and the smaller the inertia). However, the small torque of the motor is also small, so the small motor is equipped with a reducer for the design plan.

The stepping motor can only be controlled by digital signals. When the pulse is provided to the drive, in too short a time, the number of pulses emitted by the stepping motor control system is too large, that is, the pulse frequency is too high, which will cause the stepping motor to block. turn. To solve this problem, it is necessary to adopt the method of acceleration and deceleration. That is, when the stepper motor starts, the pulse frequency needs to be gradually reduced to gradually increase the pulse frequency. This is what we often call the "acceleration and deceleration" method. The speed of the stepping motor is changed according to the change of the input pulse signal. Theoretically, a pulse is given to the drive, and the stepping motor rotates a step angle(a fine step angle when subdivided). In fact, if the pulse signal changes too fast, the magnetic reaction between the rotor and the stator will not follow the change of the electrical signal due to the damping effect of the internal reverse electromotive force, which will lead to blocking and losing steps.


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