Discount Synchro Motor

- Oct 29, 2020-

Provide high quality discount synchronous motor and induction motor, synchronous motor and induction motor is the biggest difference between the two rotor speed is consistent with the speed of the stator rotating magnetic field, if the rotation speed of the rotor and stator is the same, that is called synchronous motor, if inconsistent, is called asynchronous motor, specific to the performance parameters of the application, and both are very different.

The stator windings of synchronous and asynchronous motors are the same, and the main difference lies in the structure of the rotor.

There are DC excitation windings on the rotor of synchronous motor, so an external excitation power is needed to introduce current through the slip ring.

The rotor of the induction motor is the winding of short circuit, by electromagnetic induction to generate current.

Asynchronous motors are widely used because of their simplicity, low cost, and ease of installation, use, and maintenance.Disadvantage low efficiency, low power factor is not good for the power grid, while high efficiency of synchronous motor is capacitive load, can improve the power factor of the power grid, multi-purpose industrial and mining large standby.


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