Discount Worm Gear Motor--new High Quality

- Apr 17, 2019-

Discount worm gear motor--new high quality

Voltage: DC12V

Load torque: 10KG.CM

No-load speed selection: 2 rpm / 3 rpm / 5 rpm / 6 rpm / 10 rpm / 20 rpm / 30 rpm / 62 rpm / 100 rpm


The worm gear motor has a self-locking function, that is, in the absence of a motor, the output shaft does not move, that is, self-locking

The shaft of the motor shaft is arranged vertically in the direction of the output shaft

The main body of the output shaft of the motor is relatively short in direction with respect to the gear motor, and it is necessary to widely adapt to some installation dimensions in this respect.

Widely used in windows, door openers, micro winches, etc.

worm gear motor

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