Distillation Pressure Of Long Life Dc Motor

- Jun 17, 2019-

Distillation pressure of Long Life Dc Motor

The structure, characteristics, advantages, etc. of DC brushless motors also need to understand the distillation pressure of DC brushless motors:

1. The excimer distillation pressure range is 1.0-1.0*10-2Pa. At this time, the mean free path of the gas molecules is similar to the size of the distiller, and the gas is in a transient flow state.

2. The low vacuum distillation pressure range is 2.7*102Pa-1.OPa. At this time, the gas is close to the transitional flow state, and the vacuum distillation apparatus has strict requirements for selection, design, manufacture, installation and operation.

3. The crude vacuum distillation pressure range is 1.O*104Pa-2.7x102Pa, and the flow of the gas is a viscous state, and it is easy to carry out the distillation operation within this pressure range.

4, the common production of DC brushless motor vacuum distillation process, mostly operating in the pressure range above 104Pa, vacuum distillation mechanism is similar to atmospheric distillation, the form of atmospheric distillation device is basically available.

5. The molecular distillation operation pressure is below 1.33*10-2Pa. In molecular distillation or excimer distillation, the flow of gas is the free movement of molecules, that is, the other molecules in the produced DC brushless motor can be ignored. Collisions and disturbances, at which point the distillation process is dominated by evaporation from the liquid surface.


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