Dong Mingzhu: Providing A Batch Of High-end Equipment For Made In China 2025

- Nov 05, 2018-

Dong Mingzhu: Providing a batch of high-end equipment for "Made in China 2025"

In the past 30 years, China's economy has continued to grow at a high rate, but most of the domestic manufacturing industry still relies on imported equipment for processing and production, earning a modest processing price difference. Automated production equipment and intelligent robots are seen as a huge potential market that has not yet been developed. Along with last August, some electrical groups began to cross-border the establishment of robotic joint ventures to produce industrial robots and service robots. To this end, Dong Mingzhu said that Gree adheres to the path of independent innovation and development.

"Someone asked me why I did it myself, and I didn't make a shortcut with other people's joint ventures, but I said that I would rather go slower for three years, but also take the road of independent research and development." Dong Mingzhu said that spending money on technology can't be called, only investing in self-development. It is meaningful to be technically controlled by yourself.

It is reported that in the air-conditioning industry, Gree has built the world's largest air-conditioning R&D center and the only national energy-saving and environmental-friendly refrigeration equipment engineering technology research center in China's refrigeration industry. It has Lingda Compressor, Gree Electric, Kaibang Motor, Xinyuan Electronics, 5 subsidiaries including intelligent equipment, 7 research institutes, 52 research institutes, more than 570 laboratories, nearly 10,000 scientific research personnel, and applied for 19,000 technical patents, including nearly 7,000 invention patents, currently in Gree average 11 patents are born every day.

With the development of automation planning, in 2013, Gree began to set up a dedicated automation equipment manufacturing technical team, adhere to independent research and development design, manufacturing automation equipment. Later, a technical office such as an automation office, an automation equipment manufacturing department, and a smart equipment technology research institute was established. Zhuhai Gree Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established this year. With the introduction of "Made in China 2025", factory automation and unmanned production have become the trend of manufacturing development. Gree Electric has more clearly defined the important direction of independent innovation. Dong Mingzhu proposed that "the future development of Gree is to produce robots and use automated equipment to produce automation equipment."

At present, the automation products independently developed by Gree have covered more than 10 fields including industrial robots, intelligent AGVs, CNC robots, large-scale automation lines, and air-conditioning automatic production equipment. More than 100 products have more than 70 design patents. At present, the cumulative output of automated equipment is more than 2,500 sets, with a cumulative sales of 620 million yuan.

However, "machine substitution" also brings problems and challenges. It is understood that as the core technology of the domestic intelligent equipment industry has yet to be further broken, the cost of smart equipment is still high, and the high-end talents in the industry are in short supply. On the one hand, traditional manufacturing industry urgently needs intelligent equipment to solve the problems of labor shortage and high labor costs. On the other hand, it must also pay attention to the investment return cycle to ensure the steady development of enterprises in the process of transformation. Therefore, it is particularly important for enterprises to have high-end intelligent equipment with independent intellectual property rights, competitive high-end intelligent equipment and a large number of self-trained automation technicians.

In the future, Gree Electric will closely research the two major fields of robots and precision machine tools, and strive to achieve major breakthroughs in several key technical fields. While completing the transformation and upgrading of Gree's own manufacturing systems, it will provide a batch of high-end equipment for “Made in China 2025”.

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