Driver Cars Will Really Dominate The Future Of Artificial Intelligence

- Nov 17, 2018-

"Driver cars" will really dominate the future of artificial intelligence

I never thought that "unmanned driving" must be the future trend. Like Google Glass, I think that "unmanned driving" is just the next business growth direction that technology companies are pushing hard. Technology companies need to constantly increase profits and need to make more money. When almost every consumer in the world has a computer and a smart phone, their car has become the target of technology companies.

But technology companies don't understand the "making a car", so "unmanned" is the only entry point into the car market - because it is a seemingly high-tech concept and the only one that can compete with traditional cars. A field of higher manufacturers. What makes technology companies happy is that some traditional automakers seem to be flustered in the face of global technology disruptive trends, and they have announced that they will begin to get involved in “unmanned driving” in the future.

But the manufacturers who really understand the meaning of the car for the driver seem to have no intention of accompanying the flow and echoing the meaning of this "unmanned" farce. Mazda is such a car brand that does not believe in evil.

"For Mazda, we still believe that driving pleasure is the most essential value, and the driver is always at the center." Masahiro Moro, head of Mazda North America, said in an interview last year. He doesn't think the owner wants to buy a car that is completely driven by the machine.

In fact, Mazda believes that the “unmanned” vision portrayed by technology companies will not be realized in the foreseeable future. "It's not as simple as point A to point B," Mazda CEO Masamichi Kogai said. "Our company's goal is to bring the purest driving pleasure to the owner."

"From point A to point B" (this is not a travel company's long-standing speech) This simple understanding of travel precisely reflects the fact that most technology companies lack a good understanding of user needs at the level of humanization (this probably That's why Jobs is so successful.) Google, the inventor of the "unmanned" car concept, has actually exposed this serious fatal problem on its other product, GoogleGlass. For this product, Google launched several media campaigns before its official launch, but the product has been criticized after its launch, and many users complain that this is an anti-human product. Almost no one has mentioned "Google Glasses" anymore, and Google estimates that he does not want to look back.

The driverless car, also from GoogleG Labs, is also a counter-human product. The depiction of the various visions of the “unmanned” car is exactly the same as that of the “Google Glass”. “Unmanned driving” may bring money to the technology industry, just like a huge and imaginary “mirage”, attracting the entire industry to go on. Advocating "unmanned driving" is an assertive article on the future trend, like an overwhelming flyer, and it is everywhere.

Don't lie to yourself, it's not a future trend, it's just a wishful thinking when technology companies are "full of thoughts"

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