Dual Shaft Stepper Motor

- Nov 13, 2019-

Our company's self-developed one-drive two-phase three-phase stepper motor subdivision driver has the characteristics of high performance and low price. Suitable for all types of three-phase hybrid stepping motors with currents below 5.8A and outer diameters of 57-86MM. Due to the pure sine wave current control technology, the same motor can be used for lower motor operation than other driving methods. , noise and heat. Its subdivision function reduces the low-frequency vibration of the stepping motor, reduces the noise, and helps to improve the running accuracy.

Dual shaft Stepper Motor characteristics:

Pure sine wave current control technology, low noise and low heat generation

Optically isolated differential signal input, compatible with TTL signals, pulse frequency up to 200KHz

Supply voltage up to 50V, with overvoltage, overcurrent protection

Easy current setting, maximum drive current 5.6A / phase (peak)

Set 16 file subdivisions, the highest resolution is 10000/rev

Small size and easy installation

Suitable for CNC machine tools, medical instruments, special welding equipment, small engraving machines, laser marking machines, pneumatic marking machines, laser cutting machines, mechanical cutting machines, robots and other large and medium-sized automation equipment and instruments.


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