Eaton Experience Center Launches Six Interactive Apps

- Nov 07, 2018-

Eaton Experience Center launches six interactive apps

The Eaton Experience Center in Houston, Texas, USA, launched six interactive applications for the last time for commercial, oil and gas, data centers and utilities. These applications include a comprehensive downstream petrochemical plant designed to provide hands-on experience in safety, applications, products and monitoring training in a realistic industrial environment. The six interactive application areas of the Eaton Experience Center include the following:

First, a data center; the area is characterized by power distribution and advanced accident backup solutions, while visitors can learn to maintain uptime solutions.

Second, a power quality laboratory; its design helps visitors learn about power distribution, surge protection, motor control systems and energy correction capabilities.

Third, a fuel chemical refinery; the highlights of the region are complete power distribution, motor protection, production process instrumentation and life safety solutions, which can provide many advanced training opportunities.

4. An upstream drilling and production unit; its design facilitates visitors to international installation practices to understand weight reduction solutions, power distribution technology and process management.

5. Land-based drilling; characterized by variable frequency drives and automatic control systems, while drilling units are highlighted by reduced energy consumption and sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

6. Public facilities and distribution; its design helps visitors learn about smart grid distribution technology and energy regulation and smart grid technologies.

The Experience Center's 14,000-square-foot analog fuel-based refinery and distribution network has more than 8,000 products installed in the upper, middle, and downstream applications. The interactive environment can be divided into processing and quarantine areas, and visitors can experience a wide range of training opportunities for hazardous or harmless applications of oil and gas. The simulated refinery provides visitors with a live demonstration of offshore or onshore oil and gas applications.

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