Effectively Promote The Upward Development Of Xichi Electric Through The Roadshow Platform

- Nov 09, 2018-

Effectively promote the upward development of Xichi Electric through the roadshow platform

Recently, 2016 Xi'an “New Third Board” listed enterprise investment and financing collective roadshow exchange meeting was held in the conference hall of Tianzhu Junting Hotel. This meeting was transferred by China Securities Regulatory Commission Shaanxi Supervision Bureau, Xi'an Financial Work Office and National Small and Medium Enterprise Shares. The system limited liability company co-hosted, Shenzhen Panorama Network, Gansu Satellite TV joint video reported the meeting.

At the meeting, Zheng Yi, director of the Municipal Economic Integration Office, Kong Bing, deputy director of the Securities and Futures Commission, and Huang Mei, deputy director of the Panorama Network, and other leaders aimed at strengthening the construction of the three boards and enhancing the innovative financing capabilities of enterprises, and detailed implementation of relevant support policies to effectively strengthen the self-regulation of the industry and make the trading platform constantly Active and other related matters made a statement and pointed out that although Xi'an listed companies are not as many as the coastal cities, but the company's net profit ranked fourth in the country, indicating that in Xi'an like: Xichi Electric, Nuowei Technology, Shaanxi Zhongke and other high-quality enterprises Effectively support the efficient development of the Xi'an New Third Board market. During the nearly three-hour roadshow, investment institutions from all over the country raised nearly 100 questions for 18 companies involved in the roadshow. Among them, there were more than 20 online questions asked by Xichi Electric. Chairman Zhang Ning and Secretary of the Board of Directors Li Qinxia answered the online questions of investment institutions one by one. The investment institutions have rich questions about the company and they cover a wide range of issues. The investment and financing company asked: How is the sales of the company's products in overseas markets? Is the municipal project already supported? Have you applied for and obtained the national science and technology support policy funds; where is the technical core strength of the products? How to brief the product technical service support capability? And the company's environment, cultural atmosphere, corporate governance, recent development strategy, brand influence and many other aspects. As a high-tech enterprise for more than ten years, the company has always focused on the research and development of power electronics products. The core competitiveness of products has been gradually enhanced by the market; the core competitiveness of power quality, industrial automation system integration and other products has been effectively enhanced, technical patents, The application for government technical support funds continues to increase.

In the new era, innovation drives the development of the enterprise, expands the market business with customers as the center, builds a team with significant core competitiveness, and has a standardized governance structure, a distinctive corporate culture, and a moderately enhanced brand strategy management. The implementation of the policy measures has been gradually implemented and has been steadily effective.

At the end of the meeting, the participating companies listened to reports on how the new three-board enterprises will become bigger and stronger, how to use new media efficiently, and the Internet to realize the overall improvement of corporate brand influence.


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