Efficient And Energy-saving Motor Needs Policy Support

- Nov 08, 2018-

Efficient and energy-saving motor needs policy support

An electric machine is an electromagnetic mechanical device that utilizes the interaction of electricity and magnetism to achieve energy conversion and transmission. The motor must be used wherever electrical energy needs to be converted into mechanical energy or mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy. Therefore, the motor industry as a whole has a huge market capacity.

Taking rare earth permanent disk type ironless core motor technology as an example, this technology is widely used in small motor and generator systems, adopts intelligent frequency conversion technology, and is equipped with a new intelligent inverter, which can realize high-efficiency and stepless speed regulation from zero to rated speed. The speed range is wide and the precision is high.

In China, the motor industry has gone through a hundred years. At present, China's small and medium-sized motors have a capacity of 1.6 billion kilowatts. China has become the largest producer, exporter and exporter of small and medium-sized motors. However, at present, China's high-efficiency and energy-saving motor technology has reached the world's advanced level, but high-efficiency and energy-saving motors are in urgent need of policy support.

“Industrial motor power consumption accounts for as much as the total electricity consumption of the whole society. If all enterprises use high-efficiency motors, it can save energy and the company can save costs.” Huang Daifang said that the government is recommended to introduce relevant Standards, motor manufacturers must clearly indicate the energy consumption level of the motor. Motor manufacturers use high-efficiency motors when purchasing motors and new projects. The relevant government departments cancel the financial subsidy policy, strengthen the supervision and management, strengthen the standard specification and the efficiency of the motor products. Compulsory certification of energy conservation, strict market access, comprehensively improve the energy efficiency level of incremental motors, and force the transformation and upgrading of motor production enterprises.

Under the background of "Made in China 2025", how can we promote the development of China's high-efficiency and energy-saving motor industry? Lu Wei, deputy director of the Beijing Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Economics, said that the first priority should be to study and formulate energy efficiency grading and testing methods for motor systems. Standards cover all aspects of product design, manufacturing, promotion and application, including specification of energy-efficient products, matching, testing, etc., as well as detailed requirements for operational monitoring, evaluation and energy-saving retrofit of inventory motor systems.

In addition, the industry also believes that high-efficiency motors use advanced technical measures in design, materials and processes, such as the use of new materials, reasonable number of stator slots, fan parameters and sinusoidal windings to reduce losses, so high-efficiency motors The production cost is about 10-20% higher than that of ordinary motors, and some even 50% higher, which leads many users to create the concept of “energy saving and not saving money”.

A person in charge of a motor manufacturing company told reporters that high-efficiency energy-saving motors use new motor design, new processes and new materials. By reducing the loss of electromagnetic energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy, and improving output efficiency, there are already mature technologies, that is to say Enterprises can basically produce. However, the motor energy efficiency improvement plan was not completed as scheduled. The reason is the contradiction between long-term interests and immediate interests, the contradiction between short-term investment and output, reform and innovation, and the old-fashioned opposition, as well as the reality of short-term economic interests imbalance caused by enterprise reform.

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