Electric Motors

- Jan 22, 2021-

Electric motors are also called "motors". The colored wires are machines that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy by the insulating layer. The large amount of electric energy generated by the generator can be applied to production undertakings by using electric motors. The structure is basically the same as the generator, but the principle is just the opposite. The motor is energized by the rotor coil to cause movement, while the generator generates current by the movement of the rotor in the magnetic field. In order to obtain a strong magnetic field, it is advisable to use electromagnets for both motors and generators.

Motors can be divided into DC motors and AC motors due to different input currents: (1) DC motors-motors that use DC current to rotate are called DC motors. Because of the different ways of connecting the magnetic field circuit and the armature circuit, they can be divided into series motors, split motors, and double-excited motors; (2) AC motors-motors that use AC current to rotate are called AC motors. There are many types, mainly including: rectifier motor-a series-excited DC generator used as an AC motor, that is, this kind of motor, because the alternating current is in the magnetic field and the armature circuit, and it turns at the same time, so the direction of the couple torque is kept constant. Change, the machine is spinning continuously. This kind of motor is also called "universal motor" because it can use both AC and DC. Vacuum cleaners, sewing machines and other household appliances often use this type of motor.


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