Electric Vehicle Driver Integrated High-voltage Power Distribution Compartment

- Nov 11, 2018-

Electric vehicle driver integrated high-voltage power distribution compartment, providing interface for fast charge, slow charge, air conditioner compressor, DC-DC, PTC heater

Electric car drive

Due to the uneven development of the motor controller industry, the market development is still not successful. In some large automakers, the safety, quality and performance of the products are emphasized, but many small and medium-sized car manufacturers are not guaranteed. Especially in the logistics vehicle industry, there is a general situation of terminal ordering, and the interest pattern is more complicated, and the price/performance ratio is not necessarily the dominant factor of choice. As far as industry competition is concerned, performance, price, delivery, quality, and timeliness of new product development are important competition points for major manufacturers.

Huichuan's new energy vehicle electronic control road has experienced a cycle from passenger cars to commercial vehicles and then back to passenger cars, forming its own electronic control road in exploration.

Huichuan entered the motor control industry due to related projects from Geely and Zotye. Since the vehicle market did not have big development opportunities, and the automakers had strong self-control electric impulses, Huichuan adjusted its main direction to target commercial vehicles. Through cooperation with Yutong, the world's largest passenger car manufacturer, Huichuan has developed and perfected its own commercial vehicle product line. The innovative and innovative Yutong has strict control over supplier capabilities. Since the cooperation with Yutong, Huichuan has cooperated with the development of a variety of competitive products, including the concept of “five-in-one” vehicle fully integrated powertrain, which is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In the past, traditional buses were usually modified on the second-class chassis of the truck. The power layout of the whole vehicle is the same as that of the current logistics vehicle, which means that the electric control of the passenger car can be conveniently transplanted in the logistics vehicle. Huichuan has also gained in the turbulent logistics vehicle market. By the middle of 2015, Huichuan will think about how to occupy its own place in the passenger car field with the largest market capacity in the future. Through benchmarking analysis, Huichuan found that the domestic technical status is far from the real requirements of passenger cars. This gap is not only reflected in the technical level of stand-alone machines, but also in the ability to systematize. In response to this conclusion, Huichuan implements the strategy of “going out, please come in, localize”. Huichuan has a huge commercial disk market position in China, and maintains technical cooperation with top European companies (Benz, BMW electronic control suppliers). At the same time, it is favored by partners through technical capabilities (not the introduction and digestion of specific products), localized R&D and manufacturing, efficiency improvement and cost reduction.

With the acceleration of subsidies for the domestic new energy vehicle market in the future, Mr. Zhang Wei believes that it should deal with the following three aspects. First, consolidate the fundamentals of commercial vehicles. The market for new energy commercial vehicles will mature. Due to the better demonstration effect of early customers, more and more customers with relatively fixed lines recognize the advantages of new energy vehicles and generate spontaneous purchase intentions. Secondly, new energy vehicles are very attractive, and their cost is much lower than that of traditional vehicles. Second, through technological innovation, new materials, new processes, and new devices are used to develop products with high power density and high integration. Reduce costs on the solution. Third, the layout of the fully automated production line, in the future support of the batch, can effectively reduce manufacturing costs and improve quality.

"Quality, safety, cost" is the main technology development focus of current motor control

At this stage, the new energy vehicle market puts forward high efficiency, high power density, high reliability, functional safety and low cost requirements for motor controller products. High efficiency is to improve the battery life by reducing the cruising range; the high power density is to achieve the vehicle layout and collision requirements, and at the same time realize the lightweight of the vehicle; high reliability, because the environment in which the vehicle works is harsh, in temperature, as in In the sun, the temperature of the vehicle can reach 80 degrees Celsius, and in winter it is as low as minus 30 degrees. In vibration, the vibration is very severe due to the various road conditions of the vehicle; the life of a family car is generally 15 years. Therefore, reliability is also critical.

"Quality, safety, cost" is currently the focus of major technology development in motor control.

The quality requirements of the automotive industry are very high. For example, Toyota's quality requirements are 10ppm. This requirement is a big challenge for domestic manufacturers. In terms of quality, Huichuan strictly follows the specifications of TS16949 and ISO26262 in the development process. Reliability is the focus of design. From device selection to individual certification, to PCBA reliability verification, and finally to the whole machine, reliability is a particularly important assessment standard in every aspect. In terms of product service life, the pad passes the reliability test, the slice analysis of the via, and the layer analysis of the device, and finally achieves the 15-year life expectancy and the target requirement of 400,000 km. In terms of safety, it mainly focuses on the ISO2626 standard, formulates system solutions that meet the standards, and passes certification. In terms of cost, the cost reduction is mainly achieved through technical optimization, such as IGBT customization, Hall self-made, and spinning signal software decoding.

All in all, the automotive industry is a large-scale manufacturing industry with extremely high safety requirements. Controllers are the most important part of them, and their quality requirements are extremely strict. Customers with ppm levels will not use quality substandard controllers because unqualified controllers will expose manufacturers to vehicles that are recalled and claiming a risk.

The quality standard is not enough, and the technical optimization of motor control is still on the road. In the future, motor control will achieve controller efficiency higher than 98% through IGBT, SIC chip and packaging technology and software algorithm optimization; through the device IGBT, capacitor, Hall sensor, copper bus, etc. custom power density to 20kW / L or more; The adaptability to the environment has become higher, and the degree of protection of the controller is at IP67 or even IP68, ensuring that the vehicle operates safely under various industrial controls. If the vehicle is flooded with a controller during heavy rain, the vehicle can still operate normally. With the increasing number of vehicle electrical equipment, electromagnetic interference is also crucial for the safe operation of vehicles and the normal operation of electrical equipment. The requirements for EMC will be raised to the class5 level. With the development of intelligent vehicles, the popularity of assisted driving and future autonomous driving is becoming more and more demanding on vehicle safety. Therefore, the level of functional safety will reach ISO2626ASILD in the future. With the increasing volume of new energy vehicles, cost is a key factor restricting the development of new energy vehicles. High quality and low cost will also be a key to future technological breakthroughs.

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