Electric Vehicle Waste Magnetic 3.14: The Overall Decline Of The Scrap Motor Market This Week

- Oct 19, 2018-

Electric vehicle waste magnetic 3.14: The overall decline of the scrap motor market this week

This week, the electric vehicle waste magnetic market is weak and volatile. The recycler's offer is stable or slightly lowered by 1 yuan/kg. The scrap motor market is affected by the decline of the copper market. The price decline is large, and the brushless has dropped by 2 yuan/piece. Brushes fell by as much as 4 yuan per piece, and the price of recyclers in the latter part of the week gradually stabilized. For the later trend, some merchants in Zhejiang believe that “it will continue to fall, but the decline is 2-3 yuan/piece, which is more difficult to fall below 70 yuan/piece, because after all, the lowest level of scrap motor last year was around 73 yuan/piece, this year. It should not be worse." At present, the comprehensive market feedback situation, the recyclers can basically receive the goods normally or wait and see the market choice to delay the transaction. The historical price database of Fubao shows that the current price of waste motor has reached the lowest price last year. Due to the impact of the international macroeconomic situation, copper prices may continue to fall. At present, the waste magnetic field is also weak and stable, and the trend is stable or continues to decline slightly, but the decline Not too big. Some merchants now believe that the price of scrap motor has reached the bottom and their own cargo volume is relatively small. Affected by many factors, the aftermarket will maintain a stable or small fluctuation, and the price of scrap motor in the middle and late March may be more difficult to surpass the price of the previous year.

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